Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

A Thousand Poems
Pierre did not know how we was going to win her
heart but he would win it. She would love him.
To see her was to fall in love with her. To hear her
was to hear music. To feel her was to feel silk. Her
beauty inspired a thousand poems within me. Some
of which I tried to pen, but compared to her, it was
Her name was Elena, and although she was rich, she
had a humble heart- not allowing her parents’
servants to do much for her- she washed her own
clothes, cleaned her own room, and many more
things. She enjoyed the simple things, I saw- just
being with friends and laughing. She loved nature.
She would write poems about the river close to her
home-she was my river. She wrote a thousand poems
about that river, and I wrote a thousand poems
about her.
Elena would celebrate her 17th birthday in a few
days. What a celebration her parents planned for
her; music, plenty of food, and all of her friends,
myself included. And her gift? A car. Not to mention
all the gifts from all her admirers. That’s what a
beautiful face got her- a following of young men that
would do and buy anything to have her heart.She
won me over with her heart. She was such a simple
and kind person. She shared everything she had- a
drink, a cookie, a laugh. I loved her with all my