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Love in a Hopeless Place: The
Diary of Calantha Mora
September 12th
I don’t know what to believe anymore; “love” is
dying all around me. No one I know has what I want
in life: love. Am I a fool for still believing that there is
love out there somewhere? My parents and everyone
else around seems to have no love or an empty shell
of love they cling to avoid loneliness. My aunts,
uncles, cousins –everyone seems to just settle for
someone. It seems like being with anyone is better
than being alone. Is that all life is meant to bring us?
I cannot imagine going through my entire life
without a man to be there for me to make the world
seem less scary and to make each night and day
sweeter. Maybe I am a foolish girl to have these
hopes. Why should I believe that I will one day find
this? What makes me more deserving than everyone
who does not have this? Even with all the likelihood
that I may never find this, I cannot lose all my hope.
I have tried. I have really tried to get this “false” hope
out of my heart and squeezed out of my soul. I
cannot. I know that without hope, life is