Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

What These Old Eyes Saw
As I sat there feeling the warm vapor from
the coffee caressing my face, I saw them walk in.
They could not have been older than seventeen
and were completely oblivious to the world
around them. They quietly sat down in a booth
near my table as I took a bite from my cake and
watched them sit down.
They laughed and laughed. His eyes danced
with hers in graceful steps, to a melody only
they could hear. There was no doubt in my mind
that it was beautiful music. His lips kept kissing
her hand caringly as he whispered something in
her ear, making her giggle.
They murmured things back and forth to
each other, interrupted only by their laughter.
Their tenderness with each other was something
people much older than they could only hope to
one day have.
I keenly observed them from my table for no
other reason than sheer astonishment. How
could two young people know how to love each
other with such deep love? It was visible through
only the smallest gestures, the smallest of words
whispered in the softest of voices, the mildest of
caresses given in stolen moments.
It started raining outside, as if the skies had
conspired with the two young hearts. They didn’t
stay long; they got up and walked to the door