Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

“Look, she’s bringing her boyfriend,” Paul’s voice
was flavored with guilt.
“Oh, ok.” Leonardo was confused, obvious by his
staring at the phone for minutes after the call was
over. He wasn’t angry; it was no one’s fault. He just
found it curious. Destiny? Perhaps. Now I at least get
to start my books, he thought to himself. A perfect
evening; hot tea and good books.
Making his way into the kitchen he noticed that
it had started raining. His grandparents had gone
out for the evening and he would have the house to
himself for some quiet reading. It was time well-spent
for Leonardo.
As he stirred the tea packet into the steaming
water, the doorbell rang. Back so soon? He thought.
His grandparents must have changed their minds
because of the rain.
When he opened the door, there stood a girl
holding a colorful package in one hand and an
umbrella in the other. She was smiling.
“Hi,” she started, “this came to my house by
mistake, and it’s addressed to Leonardo, 2 houses up
from us. Are you Leonardo?” Her eyes were a
beautiful chestnut hue; a color only achieved after
being roasted to perfection.
He nodded; a little embarrassed that his late
birthday gift from his aunt was wrapped in colorful
children’s wrapping paper.
“I love dragons!” She said enthusiastically.