Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

The library was a short distance from the house and
was always a pleasant walk, in any weather.
“Hey! What are you doing here?” They were
greeted by a beautiful girl as they entered the library.
“Hey! How have you been?” screamed Paul as he
reached out and embraced her.
“I’ve been fine, really busy,” she answered,
smiling as she gave Paul a firm hug.
“We should get together and go eat or
something,” Paul said, seeing the way Leonardo
reacted to her presence. “This is Leonardo,” he
pointed to his friend.
Leonardo smiled from ear to ear. She smiled, “Nice to
meet you.”
“Yeah, that sounds like fun,” she said.
Once she walked away, the interrogation began.
“How do you know her?” Asked Leonardo,
obviously smitten.
“Her mom gave me piano and singing lessons
when I was younger,” answered Paul with a grin.
“Leonardo?” It was Paul on the phone.
“I don’t think you should come to eat with us, it’s
gonna be boring.”
“What are you talking about? I’ve been looking
forward to this all week.”
Paul paused. His plan hadn’t worked; his
excuses were futile compared to Leonardo’s