Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

I Love Dragons
“I want to love her, Grandma.”
“And you will! And she will love you back in a
way that will make you very happy.” His grandma
replied, with a confidence that only comes with age.
“What do you think she will be like?” asked
“She will be amazing- an angel just for you.”
An angel just for me? Leonardo thought to
himself. Nothing would make him happier. Nothing
would fill his teenage heart with joy than a girl to
love. He would write poems, addressed to no one in
particular, but always with some vague idea of whom
she would be. His love existed only in his
As he lay in bed that night, attempting to sleep,
his imagination was led by his heart. What will her
name be?
He thought about his girl as he lay in bed, trying
to calm his mind. Would she be everything he hoped
she would be?
The next morning, Leonardo woke up with the
idea of getting more books from the library. That was
his passion-books. His best friend Paul joined him
for the trip.
“What books are you getting this time?” asked
“You already know -dragons.”
Leonardo and Paul walked to the library in the
cool breeze of fall. The leaves rustled and chased one
another as they reunited on the edge of the street.