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defector and a million other crazy things that happen to cameramen.
Stories about.
Vietnam, Beirut, Monks, Belfast, Haiti, Prince Charles, Biafra, N.Y Muggings, Brixton
Riots, Wine War, Sadat assassination, Margaret Thatcher, Film Stars, Trevor Howard,
Frank Sinatra, Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Charlton Heston, Robert Morley, Sarah
Miles, Roger Moore, not forgetting Charlie Mingus and Willie Nelson. The Mexican
Earthquake, Harold Wilson, General Montgomery, Simon Wiesenthal, Major Parker-
Bowles, Gun Runners, I.R.A., Rhodesian Rebellion, Peter Jennings, Knowlton Nash,
Hollywood, CIA Killer, Presidents, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, The
Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Witch doctors in Ghana, Deported from Kuwait,
Christmas at the Savoy, The Royal wedding, Barbara Walters, Fall of Vietnam, 10
Downing Street, Martin Luther King and the Peace Prize, Libya, Falklands war, Desert
Storm, Panama, John Diefenbaker. Pierre Trudeau, Roland Mitchner, Lester Pearson.
Barbara Amiel, Andy Warhol. Robert Moses.