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The story of a Freelance Cameraman who's covered wars and most of the major stories for the last 30 years in over 90 countries for all the major international TV networks. ABC, BBC, CBC, CTV, NBC and CBS. Vietnam, Sinatra, Beirut, Monkeys, Belfast, Haiti, Prince Charles, Biafra, N.Y Muggings, Brixton Riots, Wine War, Sadat assassination, Margaret Thatcher, Film Stars, The Mexican Earthquake, Major Parker-Bowles, Gun Runners, I.R.A., Rex Harrison, Rhodesian Rebellion, Peter Jennings, Hollywood, CIA Killer, Witch doctors in Ghana, Deported from Kuwait, Christmas at the Savoy,The Royal wedding, Barbara Walters, Fall of Vietnam, 10 Downing Street,Martin Luther King and the Peace Prize, John Diefenbaker. Libya, Falklands war, Desert Storm. Near Misses, Danger In a minefield, Panama.

Beth Lavington

An interesting read .... pity about the Andy Warhol painting, bet he is kicking himself about missing that one

Trevor Priest

I always like reading about other peoples lives and this is a good story.

Sue Clavey

This book needs organization, editing and proofreading. While many of the stories the author relates are interesting, the author assumes we know the time and place he's describing. Sometimes, I had difficulty placing an event in time, so the book doesn't flow, it jumps around, in time and place, as well as significance. Some of the stories are not made meaningful to the reader. The book has potential, I just wish I could have finished reading it.

Brian Drake

Good read and very factual, couple of duplicate descriptions i.e bomb damage to boat restaurant in Vietnam and death of Anwar Saddat, not to be picky the book is very good and one wonders at the unassuming courage in many of the situations that would frankly scare the pants off most people, me included, all told very good.

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