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Table of Contents

Introduction p3 It’s Time You Succeeded p4 Envisioning Success p6 Become Indifferent To Doubt p10 Write An Action Plan p13 Don’t Be an Opportunity Seeker p15 A Few Myths p17 Final Words p21 WHY CHRIS FARRELL?

Because I have been where you are now.
I began online in Feb 2008.
And I came from having no previous experience.
Within 6 months however - I was having many $250/days (not every day but certainly a lot...)
Within 9 months I had my first $1000/day.
I attribute a lot of this success down to having the 'correct mindset'. And that inspired me to write this eBook. I hope you enjoy it.

- Chris Farrell 2009 Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon I believe that we are all capable of