Shattered Faith HTML version

This story is about a young woman, who craves for true love & romance. Although, this
is only a small part of her life, it will invite you to question her actions and give you a
sneak preview in to her hopes & dreams. It is based on true accounts, where names and
dates have been changed, but for a short period, her life is exposed. Will she eventually
arrive at a place in her life, where she has peace & genuine love, is the future set in
stone, or is this yet another failed relationship, destined to collapse. The story will take
you through her journey from one place to another, telling you on route situations, until
the arrival of her new life far away from home. Is this relationship going to be the right
one, surely this time, her faith in another, will be rewarded.
Shattered Faith
Kim Clarke
I would like to share a small part of my life, which began in July 92, where I
experienced a significant turn of events, that brought me, joy and happiness but
also, lies, deceit and encounters beyond my wildest dreams.
It took me to people and places I had never believed possible and I felt a sense of
enclosure, locked in a world of unopened doors, hidden nooks, luring corridors
unable to ignore the liberating call of a new destiny.
Come with me and feel all I felt, share what I shared and experience a small
part of my life which changed my vision, my hopes and my fears.
My relationship of 3 years was a deep and addictive love, which was
empowering yet volatile. I believe we were two people so different, yet shared
a love and common ground neither of us, could ever sever. We loved so deeply
and realised the importance of a faithful bond and true commitment to each
We both believed there would never be another in our lives whilst together, we
vowed to be as one and work hard to keep the relationship alive. Becky was a
kind, generous, loving and an attractive woman, who took my breathe away,
a person whom I wanted to share my life with, she had her faults like any of us
do including me, but I loved and adored her so much.
There were so many factors hitting our lives, which began to break down, even
the fundamental part of our structure as partners. We had a son whom at that
time was adapting to me as a new parent from a prior relationship with a
different partner, he was beginning a stage in his life where the demands of
attention and puberty were running parallel and our focus became him as it