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Dickey takes on shady medicos
The Deputy Attorney general of the Republic of Singapore was dignified and
humble. He had come to India for discussions with the officials of Indian Bar
Council and Judiciary. He was here to put together an agenda for the
forthcoming Judicial conclave planned by his government. The main objective
of the conclave was to address new ethical issues and other complications
arising out of unregulated application of medical technology in the hospitals in
Singapore. His government was hoping that the discussions would throw up
guidelines to frame new regulations that would be introduced in near future.
He was happy with the inter actions he had with Indian legal experts .He
could now appreciate exactly how far Indian government had progressed in
bringing about required regulations to prevent technological exploitation in
medical profession. He also could see how corruption In the Indian system
prevented proper application of new laws. He was very keen that Singapore
should be more committed in the implementation of new guidelines and
He was happy he had brought together right type of people for discussions on
a rather tricky subject concerning medical profession. He was particularly
impressed by the inputs provided by a fire brand female lawyer from
Hyderabad. He looked at her business card again. It showed the name as
Kadambari .She was also known as a highly committed human rights activist
and she had brought heaps of documents covering the atrocities committed by
the medical fraternity and enormous influence and power they had to protect
the erring professionals. During the heated discussions she took on some very
big guns with very assertive and at times very offensive remarks. He thought it
would help his cause if he could hold a one to one discussion with her after
main meeting with expert council was over. So during one of the many tea
breaks, he took Kadambari aside and requested her to stay back after the
meeting got over.
Kadambari was very surprised to receive such a request. After all that is said
and done, in New Delhi she was a small fry as there were many more
successful and prominent legal advisors , with more political clout to help the
DAG. But the request was made very sincerely and she also noticed some
amount of anxiety. Ever helpful and considerate to other people ‘s trouble,