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Their golden and black hair were tied into ponytails or combed over the sides of their heads. Apart
from their bright pink eyes that slanted to their noses and ear-shape, they had an eerie resemblance to
The Ixians with their thin lips and straight noses would be Caucasianâ€"but such a word didn‟t exist
here, so they identified their race as Uola.
Ixians young and old turned the ir backs to the statues of the holy trinity, facing a peculiar figure that
stood in a path leading through the door into the village.
The sight was a lovely young nycarman woman, close to six feet tall and medium built. The smooth
lavender skin on her long face had a nice set of full lips and a small round nose. What would be
African for a human was Outo for her people.
Her radiant gold hair was tied into a rippling ponyta il cascading down her lean back. A pink blouse
of leaf-shaped materials hugged her skin, as did her dark green leather tights that hung just be low her
In a military erect posture, Lezura Hembim looked on elatedly at the men and women before her.
With her little nose she smelt the mixture of emotions and expectations circulating in the air.
My big day! Lezura thought.
From the crowd three nycarmans stepped forward. Two were men, and one a woman with her thick
black hair combed over her head and a sharp nose. All were wrinkled with age.
The man with his gold ha ir combed over his head had a smile that seemed unrecoverable from his
face, said in a subtle voice, “I never thought I would feel such a sense of loss from your departing,
“Nor did I, Dunit,” said Lezura. “But it is for an important reason.”
“Well said, child,” said the woman, Murbella, in a strong voice unsuitable for one so old.
“Fortunately Dunit is the only one here that has grown attached to you…”
Dunit grinned nervously and said to Murbella, “Murbella…you do not…have to make it sound like I
am about to cry…”
“Have all your preparations been made, Lezura?” said the black-haired man.
“Yes I have, Telkit,” said Lezura. “You know I never go anywhere unprepared.”
Telkit smiled lightly. “That much is true…” he said.
“Now Lezura,” said Murbella with a stern look in her eyes, “I hope you allowed our warnings to be
riveted into your head overnight.” Lezura nodded, but Murbella continued anyway; “This is not a
simple messenger‟s task like what you have been sent on before. This mission involves direct
interaction with the target. And we would all appreciate it if it were executed with as much of your
skill as you can offer.”
“Yes, Murbella,” said Lezura without the bright smile that would otherwise annoy Murbellaâ€"
especially her braces.
“We cannot be certain if the rumors of Earth are true,” said Telkit, “but regardless that is where you
will be sent.”
“I have accepted this task and will not step down now or fail,” said Lezura.
Dunit smiled brightly and said, “That is our girlâ€"ouch!” A nudge from Murbella in Dunit‟s ribs
silenced him.
Murbella snapped her fingers, and from the crowd a young woman hurriedly emerged, timidly
handing Murbella a small box of oak with four, triangular plates on the top in her ha nd.
She gave it to Lezura, who took it cautiously into her grasp.
“We will hand over Donnowarru to you, Lezura,” said Murbella. “Call upon him to open the portal
to Earthâ€"”
“But do not try to talk with him much though,” said Dunit in a hushed voice as if the box could hear
him, “you know he‟s not very friendlyâ€"he punched poor old Telkit in the eye once.”