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Trees of red leaves that towered nearly four hundred stories to touch the heavens were the gods of
the lands. With massive trunks filled with huge crevices that hid small creatures, and branches that
formed a broad cap, the yelm trees cast malicious shadows upon the forest, rejecting it in the ir own
name and becoming monstrous plants that houses even smaller trees.
Joining the yelm trees were the ville trees; a little smaller, but none the less a blue-green leaved plant
that had become independent from the forest below, with branches forming an elongated dome with a
craggy trunk.
Beneath their shadows, hundreds of stories down lurked the Yuxu forest. This verdant landscape of
blue, green and yellow colored plants turned on each other in the starving shadow, climbing onto each
other with crippling vines and onto the surface of the yelm and ville trees who alone basked in the
great rays of sunlight.
Areas shown some mercy from the growing empire of the shadow of the colossal plants enjoyed
their freedom of the sunlight. Beautiful flowers from palm-sized variants to one large enough to
consume a grown man nestled quite comfortably. Trees like the le lamsâ€"blood-red leaves with brown
trunks and branches growing around them, and the pomeg trees with their pink-toned leaves and pink,
cocoon looking fruits as large as a man, constituted for most of the local trees in the lower forest.
Here in the early hours, the morning mist was receding, and lances of sunlight stabbed through the
forest, making a show of tiny glowing partic les dancing in them. The air stunk of rotting and living
plant matter, wet soil and the faint trace of dead animals that had fallen victim to predators or time.
Grazing anima ls stayed in the light between the ville and yelm trees, avoiding their shadows were
even the plants had been corrupted to feed on flesh.
Yet, within this thick network of trees, bushes, twisting vines and the cry of animals that saturated
the air, something out of place made a place for itself.
A lonely building no more than six stories with a domed top stood amongst the surrounding plants.
The true color of the building was hard to determine , as the batter from the weather and the unfriendly
neighborhood plants that protested against its presence here by throwing vines all over its surface
disfigured its outer appearance. But the homeowners took great care in mainta in ing the amber
windows that glowed with the day‟s light.
The temple got company from houses; like three huts cramped together with bluish colored roves,
scattered at the front of the temple in a small clearing. Slic ing through this little village was a
cobblestone path leading into the depths of the Yuxu forest.
There was an absence of activity from the people who lived in the Ixian community, as all of them
were gathered in the first floor of the temple.
Here the circular room was laced with orange-brown tiles on the walls and larger ones on the floor.
Wooden benches were gathered in small groups near the walls, giving those who would be seated the
view of the golden statue of three humanoids standing in the center; one a woman and the others male,
all with long ears, slanted eyes and wearing ornate robes.
From the windows amber light cast spotlights on a group of people in dark blue robes with yellow
trim and the sheen of silk.
All these people had the purple skin known of the nycarman species in the solar system. Their skin
had various shades based on their race and geographical residence. The Ixian people here in particular
had dark purple skin, but were differentiated from each other by a work of creases all over their body
like a human finger print.