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Sexnovella's Teenage Love HTML version

Sexnovella's Teenage Love
Chapter 1
I had decided that I should fly from Los Angeles to India. First I went to a Buddhist
massage parlor, or at least that was what I thought it was. They offered a revolutionary
treatment only for women and as it turned out, only with male masseurs. Everything
seemed fine at first. I got a small room with only a very hard bench and a stool in one
corner. I was told to take off all my clothes except my panties and lie down on the wooden
bench and try to relax and clear my mind from all my thoughts. It was pretty hot so it was
nice to take off my dark blue clothes. I lay face down and rested. The room was
soundproofed but I heard some sounds that sounded like deep groans, deeper and more
prolonged than anyone would expect in a massage parlor.
"Well, I'm in India," I thought.
After a while, a man came into the room. I tried to turn so I could see his face but
he stopped me with his hand.
"The idea is that you won't see me," he said in broken English.
I accepted his comment and relaxed again. He wore a large kaftan which he removed and
hung up on a hook close to me. He stood near my feet and started to massage me. His
touch felt nice and I relaxed completely. His movements weren't violent, but rather
passionate and even sensual. He worked his way up along my entire body, calves, thighs,
inner thighs, buttocks, and back. It was a special treat as he even touched the sides of
each of my breasts. Then he continued up to my neck, head, along the arms, all the way to
the fingers and back again.
I noticed that my breathing had changed and that a glow started within me. At first I didn't
understand what it was and then I understood. I had felt a spark of excitement that the
masseur had given to my body. He continued and built up a tingling feeling inside my body,
a growing desire for this man was welling up inside of me. It was a strange feeling to desire
a man I had never seen before. Then suddenly and taking me a bit by surprise, the way he
massaged me changed and became as long caresses rather than the small rubbing
He suddenly stopped massaging me and asked, "Is it good?"
"Yeah," was all I could answer with a long sigh.
He continued to massage my body for a long time. The fire within my body became
stronger. When he was massaging my neck again, I experienced a touch on my lower
back where he definitely didn't have any hands. It took a moment before I realized what
it was. When I did, I panicked. I raised myself with my arms and looked behind me.