Seven Secrets to the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Your Heart's Desires

Seven Secrets to the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Your Heart's Desires


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What is it your heart yearns for most? Can you name it? Manifest it out of thin air? I believe we certainly can. Out of a wellspring of pure potential I want to take you on another journey to where you can become a deliberate co-creator of everything you've ever desired most. There are a few secrets to mastering the spontaneous fulfillment of your heart’s desires. In my newest book, I explain that it is as effortless as connecting to a Hidden Universal that only the wisest sages of throughout human history has hinted at, yet never fully revealed. In this small, yet concise book, I share how every day you can learn about a secret law of the Universe that you can employ to effortlessly tune into receiving your Heart’s Desires. It’s not the law you've been so overexposed to… A few of the things you’ll learn in this book… …. The Secret Law that activates and automatically reorders the Universe to manifest your heart’s desires …. The hidden truth about...

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