Seven Devils HTML version

table. I<? clear my throat several times, ‚They<we have an old grudge and the
person<they came to warn me.?
‚And he tried to kill you? The fuck kind of warning is that??
‚It’s<it’s complicated.?
I’m hoping that’s the end of it; David stares back, waiting, and when I don’t say
any more, he pounds the table with his fist, then sticks a finger in my face:
‚You’re a fucking asshole,? he growls. ‚Lizzy—what you did<the scare you put
in her—in me! You fucking died in front of me! Do you have any idea how FUCKING
SCARY THAT IS!? he screams, lowering the volume but maintaining the intensity, the
fury, ‚How – fucking – dare you! Next time, either die or go to the hospital – don’t you
fucking call me like that again. You—you promised it was over,? his lip quivers.
I’m unsure if it’s anger or sadness.
‚I’m sorry. I was wrong. I think something bad is about to happen and<and I
have to stop it.?