Seven Devils HTML version

It’s almost 10:30 a.m. when I walk into The Buffet at Dove’s Grove.
They have the sushi station ready for me, as my daily routine involves sushi at
this time every week day: there’s the morning’s delivery of fish in the sushi station ice
bin, salmon and tuna meat already prepared; a side of rice and seaweed; and a clean
knife on the cutting board. The station is in the center of the buffet and, as most patrons
don’t eat sushi, we split the space with a large slab of roast beef beating under a heat
I sit to eat at my usual spot, a large ice water waiting for me as always. My hand
wraps around the cold glass, enjoying the condensation slipping over my fingers, and I
take a hearty drink. As the glass lowers, the only other patron gets my attention as he
sits at my table, directly across from me.
‚Looooong time,? he drawls out the words, low and menacing.
I stare at him, blank; recognition comes quick.
My face remains blank:
‚I told you if I ever saw you again, I would kill you.?
‚So be it,? he answers.