Seven Devils HTML version

The Violent End of Sensei Ki-Jo
I was on my way to the window when everything began to move in slow motion.
Steve and Travis passed on either side of me, running away, their heads low and
bodies hunched down. I was dazed as if in a trance, facing the open door to the back
deck watching the approaching shower of arrows headed toward the house in which I
was standing. They were released from their bows at the same time, all of them joining
together deep in the heart of the blackening sky. They grew slim and then, driving back
down toward the Earth, only slightly larger. The flames of their tips were only visible as
they landed. The early ones hit, one coming in through the window, but two hands
grabbed me, pulling me back, back into the kitchen, squishing me down behind cover.
The sound of tiny thuds, like miniature feet running across the roof. Windows broke,
things shattered. Before the arrows finished landing, I snapped o ut of the stupor and
remembered the goal.
Travis, Steve, and I were crouched behind the counter.
‚You—? I spoke to Steve, ‚go downstairs and find the rifles.?