Seven Devils HTML version

‚You lift up yer cup and say somethin’ nice,? she continues.
‚Oh,? and Chris lifts his glass up, quoting, ‚‘With love’s light wings did I o’er-perch
these walls; for stony limits cannot hold love out.’?
There’s a pause while they both hold their cups up: Chris holds it up because she hadn’t
explained that you drink after a cheers; she continues because she’s unsure what he just said or
what it means, eyeing him up as if he just confessed something inappropriate.
‚Huh?? she asks.
‚It’s uh<about meetin’ up with some’un even though<it seems like it ain’t likely to
happin. It’s from some<faggy<book,? Chris looks down, ashamed.
‚Oh<it was pretty. Did you bring any of ‘em books I always see you readin’ in church??
‚No,? he answers cautiously, keeping a distance between her and his books.
‚Maybe bring ’em next time,? and she lifts the cup to her mouth. Chris is surprised by
her reaction, keeping his cup in the air until she uses her empty hand to lift the bottom of his cup
towards his face.
They both drink from their cups, immediately wincing at the taste.
‚What kinda grape juice is that?? she asks, grimacing.
Both look at the mysterious liquid, swirling the cup.
‚It’s my mama’s. She said it was made’a grapes. And it was in a large juice box she keeps
on top’a the fridge but I’m tall ‘nuff I can reach it now,? he says, proud. ‚I dunno why she
doesn’t keep it in the fridge, though.?