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Sensei Ridley Lies About The S even Devils
This is a story that I uh, I tell to all incoming students—well, real quick, let me
introduce myself and these two gentlemen for those of you that’re new to our class. You
may call me Sensei Ridley. On my right is Master Chris; on my left is my brother,
Master David. They are both black belts and you are to treat them a s you would me –
listen to what they say, do what they say. Okay?
[the students nod]
Respond ‚Yes, Sensei? to acknowledge.
[students respond, ‚Yes, Sensei.?]
Okay, take a seat on the mat. I’ll try to keep the story quick.
[paces, thinking]
I grew up in Philadelphia, born and raised—well, until a few years ago, when I left for a
bit and then came here and opened this school. But I’m going to tell you a story and it’s
from the first time I left America.
When I left, I went to study with a Sensei.
Let’s call him Ki-jo.
He was about 5’5 – older – bald top, gray halo.
Uh round. Bigger—uh, bigger guy in weight. Kind of fat, to understate it.