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The Chemist, The Engineer, & The Poison of Amerwoncik
Steve from Cincinnati had created a brown, tar -like compound. Its texture was sticky, it
smelled of tea leaves, and when set in heat for an extend period of time, it melted into a
muddy-colored, cement-like puddle; however, when the compound was smoked in a
wooden pipe, it smelled of its strongest ingredients (tobacco and opium) while
providing the smoker with euphoria, focus, and a lack of stress. Side-effects were
limited, mainly just fatigue from an excessive use of the brain. We nicknamed the tar-
like compound ‚Hacker? since it was to be smoked instead of ingested; it was designed
for someone like a hunter, someone setting off for something dangerous and energetic.
It had to be smoked because of the chemistry of the elements and their involvement
with the body: Only if the compound was smoked would it work as long, remaining in
the lungs, blood stream, and fat lipids for up to three days. It’s what I took with me
when I went heading off into the forest after the roving group of bandits. Aside from
the euphoria, the anti-anxiety, and the immense focus, the drug also slowed the