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7 Secrets That Slim, Toned People Take for Granted ...
The purpose of these secrets is not to just show how naturally slim and healthy people think and act, but
also to expose the myths around overweight and obesity, to show once and for all that dieting is not only
useless but dangerous, and to demonstrate that YOU can learn QUICK techniques that will switch off
food cravings, stop emotional eating, and allow you to normalize your weight naturally.
Secret Number 1 – People Who are Effortlessly Slim and Toned NEVER Diet
That’s right, they don’t diet. It wouldn’t occur to them to diet. They think diets are stupid – they SCOFF at
Now, you might be thinking ÐOf course they don’t diet -- they don’t have a problem, dummy!“ but in fact if
they did diet they certainly would have a problem. For a start they’d be at least 6 lbs heavier than they are
right now. Because diets put on weight.
That’s right – diets put on weight. Health Department statistics show that overall the average INCREASE
in weight due to dieting is 6 lbs annually. So if you never dieted the chances are you’d weight a lot less
than you do right now.
Why do diets cause weight gain? The reason is that NO-ONE ever stays on a diet (thank goodness, because
I’m yet to see one that has anything like the variety needed for healthy eating) and EVERYONE puts the
weight back on. This causes a yo-yo effect with weight going up and down – which slows down your
metabolic rate and not only accumulates more fat, it makes you feel tired and crabby as well!
This secret doesn’t just apply to dieting, but to meal replacements, or pills, or any other thing that you might
*temporarily* do in an effort to lose weight.
If you’re like most people, you’ve most likely dieted lots of times! When we ask our clients how many
diets they’ve been on, they quite often tell us it’s probably 20, 30, 40 or even more. When we ask how
much money they’ve spent on dieting, we hear figures in the tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.
If diets worked, people wouldn’t need to keep doing them. If diets worked, all that money would be a
good investment. But the problem is, as health studies consistently show, diets fail for almost 100% of
people. Exercise programs fail even more spectacularly!
It’s now universally agreed that diets are a useless Ðmerry-go-round“ and in fact if you haven’t already seen
our Diet Merry-Go-Round Video, do visit our site and check out the weight loss
videos - I’m sure you’ll recognize your own pattern very well!
If diets were merely useless, and merely prevented people from seeking out real solutions to overweight, as health
professionals we’d already be up in arms!
But diets are not only useless – they’re DANGEROUS, and here’s why È.
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