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Hello, my name is Stone Evans. A few years ago, I was a
restaurant owner. Actually, you could say the restaurant owned me. I
worked long hours being what is popularly called the chief cook and
bottle washer — that just means I did everything from paying the bills
to washing the dishes. At the end of the day, I earned barely enough
money to get by and I never had the opportunity to take a vacation.
The fact is, my financial life was pretty difficult at that time.
However, I was optimistic and always searching for ways to achieve
true financial freedom. One day, I picked up a book called “Multiple
Streams of Income” by best selling author, Robert Allen… and I didn’t
put it down until I was finished reading it cover to cover.
That book changed my life.
It taught me, in very simple terms, that having money is a good
thing and that not having money is a bad thing. It illustrated the point
that it is essential to develop multiple streams of income. One job is
not enough, one investment is not enough, one business is not
enough. If you are only relying on one stream of income, you are
setting yourself up to be broke one day and the fact is that 85% of the
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