Setting up an Online Business HTML version

year for each registered domain. Most website hosting companies, as
explained later, will handle the registration process for you, but make
sure that you are properly listed as the owner of the domain when it is
registered. If you have registered a domain name for a specific period,
make sure you renew it in time. You’d be surprised at the number of
cases, where website owners have lost their domain name to a
competitor by not renewing it in time.
1.7.1 Using Expired Domains to Skyrocket Your Traffic
Domain names provide a great opportunity to make easy money.
I’m not talking about Internet real estate, where you buy up good
names and sell them on for a profit. If you didn’t get positioned in that
market early on, you can forget about it. The bottom’s fallen out of the
market and the best domains are long gone.
I’m talking about expiring domains.
Thousands of webmasters invest time, effort and money to
promote their site and build up traffic. Many of them then lose interest
and move on, leaving their site active. That means that although they
still own the domain, they’re not actively promoting it. But they don’t
need to. All the automatic marketing systems they’ve put in place are
still bringing in traffic. The site runs itself.
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