Setting up an Online Business HTML version

needs. Foster an ongoing relationship that steadily increases their trust
levels and cements a view that you are an “authority” in your field.
Another important aspect of convincing prospective customers is
to keep abreast of recent developments in your field. Check on what
your competitors are writing about, and watch for new trends. This will
keep your website current, razor-sharp and unique. By keeping your
eyes open, you will be able to grab an angle or niche that hasn’t been
well covered yet by your competitors. Portray this angle or niche on
your website.
Finally, be wary of broadening the theme of your site too much.
Try not to dilute your product or service’s targeted niche simply to
expand your base of merchant partners. Remember; focus on your
selling your service. That’s where the “meat and potatoes” of your
business will come from.
1.7 Choosing a Domain Name
In the physical world, you can distinguish a business because of
its structure, window displays, or signs. You can tell that a bank is a
bank, or a clothing store is indeed a clothing store.
In the Internet, however, it is an entirely different story
altogether. Your domain name is the only clue to your online business.
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