Setting up an Online Business HTML version

the size of the file in kilobytes and the estimated time of download for
a user having a 56K modem, DSL, Cable and so on.
1.3.6 Usability Problems
While for large commercial sites investment in full-scale usability
studies may be essential, few small sites can afford such luxuries.
However, identifying problems with usability for your site need be
no more complicated than asking a few (honest) friends to act as
guinea pigs on your site and, if possible, watching them silently as
they do this. Watching users try to find information at your site can be
both instructive and quite surprising.
Remember that if at any stage you feel the urge to intervene and
explain, then you have identified a usability problem.
List of the Most Common Usability Problems
The site does not state its purpose clearly
Java applets, huge images, banner ads or flashy elements
slow down loading; 10 seconds is about as long as the
average user will wait for a page.
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