Setting up an Online Business HTML version

Speed of Access to Content
This is where the 3-click rule comes in - no important content
should be more than 3 clicks from the home page. Some standards
even say that it should be no more than two clicks.
One helpful way to speed access to content is to consider each
type of user, select the content that they are most likely to be
interested in and create links from the home page to one piece of
content for each group. This will get them quickly to the appropriate
part of the site.
1.3.4 Cleanly Designed Pages
Cleanly designed pages are pleasant to look at and easy to read.
It is almost impossible to make a site with an image shown as a tiled
background usable - the whole thing is too distracting and confusing.
It takes no great design skills to create clean pages; it just requires
thought and adherence to the principle that when it comes to design,
less usually is more.
1.3.5 Download Status
Most paid membership websites are limited to online access and
information download rather than selling products. There should be
clear download instructions provided. Your website should also state
- 33 -