Setting up an Online Business HTML version

1.3 Defining a Usable Site
A usable site will:
Help users achieve a goal, usually to find something, such
as information, or obtain something, such as a book.
Make it easy for them to achieve that goal
Make it possible to achieve the goal quickly
Make achieving that goal a pleasant experience
A site will be generally usable if:
The content is good and relevant
The content is easy to find
The content can be found quickly
The page is pleasant to look at and cleanly designed
1.3.1 Good Content is Critical
A site with good content, regardless of its subject, is one that
provides products or information that is useful or beneficial to users. A
good usable site will make it clear what information or content is
available and at what price AND what is not available. A good usable
site should define clearly all subscription packages offered.
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