Setting up an Online Business HTML version

website is another key element that can build your visitor’s
trust and increase your sales. Personalization technology
provides you the analytic tools to facilitate cross-selling and
up-selling when the customer is buying online. It would give
you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell. For
example, when a person buys a CD player, a disc cleaner
can also be offered.
Content is King - Good content sells a product. Ask yourself
the following questions. Does your copy convey the
message you wish to get across to your visitors? Is it
compelling? Does it lead your visitor through the sales
process? Have others review, critique and edit your copy to
insure it is delivering the intended message. Always double
check your spelling and grammar.
1.2 Navigation
The aim of a website's navigation is simply to allow users to get to
the content they require. For sites that have a large number of
sections and web pages (and information sites can be one of these)
the navigation plan has to be properly researched and designed. You
have to consider different types of visitors and simulate the most
common steps they would take to find what they want on your site,
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