Setting up an Online Business HTML version

1. Getting Started
The first step towards creating an online
business is building a website. Now, that isn’t as
complicated as it sounds. When I built my first
website, I thought Java was a type of coffee and
HTML the name of a robot in Star Wars. That’s why I didn’t do it. I
paid someone else to do it for me. It cost me just a few hundred
bucks, but I earned it back soon enough. This chapter discusses how
to begin the process of creating your first website, and where you can
find someone to build your site if you don’t want to do it yourself.
1.1 Making Your Website Attractive, Interesting, Engaging
and Interactive
To succeed at your online business (whether you are selling your
own product/service or are selling for other merchants as an affiliate),
you need a website created just for that - a simple, focused site. Your
website should be easy to build, maintenance-free, low cost, credible,
and a powerful traffic-builder and customer-converter.
Having the right tool and the right product alone won’t ensure the
success of your website. There are many factors to be considered
while designing a site. Unfortunately, most of these are often ignored
by Internet business owners.
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