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Welcome to The Service Sellers Masters Course, a comprehensive, do-able program that follows the proven CONTENT




00001.jpgPRESELL 00001.jpgMONETIZE process.

This process based upon the fundamental reality of how people use the Net. People search for information and solutions so your online business success begins with quality, relevant content. Start at the same point where your visitors start and then everything else falls into place. The money comes only after you’ve taken care of the content, traffic and PREselling.







00001.jpgM boils down to these essential steps…

STEP 1) Consider your service business from your client’s point of view. What niche do you occupy? What problems do you solve? Develop the best Site Concept/Theme that is right for you.

STEP 2) Brainstorm profitable topics that are related to your theme.


STEP 3) Build your Theme-Based Content Site -- fill it by publishing high-value content and information that potential clients want. C



STEP 4) The theme-based content attracts targeted visitors (i.e., potential clients) because you have written it to rank highly at the engines, in a “no-tricks way” that the Search Engines love... an ethical, effective way to attract targeted clients to your site. Motivated, interested traffic builds. T


STEP 5) Your high-value, original content PREsells your targeted visitors, winning confidence and trust by providing the information they seek, by establishing yourself in this niche. It credentializes you in the eyes of your potential new clients. And your e-zine (electronic newsletter) that you publish regularly deepens the relationship, building more and more trust. P


Trust is critical. Think about it… before you hire someone to perform a service, whether it’s to cut your grass for the summer or file your next tax return, you need a certain comfort level (trust, confidence, competence, etc.). Your visitors are no different. A prospective client will have to feel very confident before she hires your services, especially if you are half-way across the globe!

STEP 6) All your good efforts are rewarded... new clients! And you develop increased loyalty from existing ones! And, if you like, your business generates additional income streams through other monetization models appropriate to your

business. Diversification is the key to online business stability.





The Service Sellers Masters Course will get you off and running in the right direction. You will emerge from this 10-DAY program with a radically stronger information base and skill set -- well on your way towards building a substantial service business, either totally from scratch or by increasing your current client list.

Each of the 10 DAYS has a specific “Goal-of-the-DAY,” a clear target. Complete this goal before moving ahead to the next DAY. By the time you finish DAY 10’s Goal-of-the-DAY, you will have a Theme-Based Content Site up and running and generating traffic and income.

Each DAY also sets an “Ongoing Goal.” Why? Because a Web site is never “finished.” The Ongoing Goal is what you should be achieving on a regular basis. The Ongoing Goals provide the pathway for building maximal income through content over the following weeks and months.

What’s the bottom line? Upon completion of this course, you will have the power of C






00001.jpgM working for you, helping you to build a flourishing, profitable and stable online business.


With the right process, you get the right results!



The Service Sellers Masters Course is a “work-at-your-own-pace” course. Some of you will be able to devote large blocks of time to it. So you’ll complete a “DAY” in one (or even fewer) of your days.

Others may only have 15-30 minutes per day to spend on it. So it could take you a week or more to complete a “DAY” of the course.

Either way, it does not matter how long it takes you to complete the course -remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Set aside a certain amount of time per day to attend this course and to do your homework. You’ll find it was time well, no best, spent.


The Service Sellers Masters Course is designed and written for all service sellers, including those who are...
new to the Net -- you may already have an established offline service business and now want to complement this base with an online presence. Or you may be just starting a new service and want to use the Net's powerful reach and quick access to your best advantage.

experienced -- you want to build a second theme-based site that will reinforce your credibility and attract more targeted traffic to your main Web site.

in the “just-thinking-about-starting-a-business” stage of development -- you have this idea about a possible service business and you are looking for the information and tools to bring it to fruition in an uncomplicated but effective way.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do...


Everyone shares the same goal... to maximize profits.


00002.jpgBe forewarned about the Course, though...

The material that we will be covering will be extensive in scope. It will require effort and commitment on your part, as does anything important that yields rewards.

Most folks have to train or go to university for years to prepare to earn a substantial income stream. Your mini-university course will accomplish this by the end of this e-book.

And all of it is manageable. Take your time to digest the information properly before you start to work on the prescribed action steps towards your goals. Use the Goals-of-the-DAY and Ongoing Goals as your guideposts, your beacons of light. Understanding the concepts will boost your confidence level in applying them. Even as adults, we never lose our need to know “why” things work the way they do.

It’s critical that you finish each DAY of this course before you begin the next. The DAYS build on each other. You are following a step-by-step process.


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00002.jpgAnd that brings us to my final piece of advice…


Use your printer to make a hard copy (your own textbook!). There is just too much information in this Masters Course to learn by reading off a monitor screen.


Underline the important parts. Add your own notes and ideas. I promise you... you’ll get lots and lots of great inspiration as you go along.


If you are at all serious about following this course to build a serious income stream, please start right... print it.


Here’s a super little printing utility that will allow you to print 2 or 4 pages to a single 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. It saves you paper, space, and money...


00002.jpgReady to begin DAY 1 of the course? Sound the bell. Class is in session... 00005.jpg