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I have been running my own businesses for almost 25 years. I have owned a
recording studio, been an independent record producer and built a successful
gift-ware company with my beautiful wife. I then moved on to Internet
Marketing, working side by side with Tom Antion in his Great Internet
Marketing Retreat Center in my hometown of Virginia Beach, as his right-
hand man and Marketing Manager. I was critical in helping him create the
Internet Marketing Training Center, the only dedicated Internet marketing
school in the country. I have built dozens of money making websites with
hundreds of products for sale: e-books, CD's, training systems and
membership sites. I have written 4 how-to books and a novel.
I have a passion for helping authors and small business people realize
their dreams of entrepreneurship, but more than that, I care about authors
finding their audience. Books and ideas shape the world we live in – the
world my son will grow up in and raise his children. A dawning of a new age
is on the horizon and I will stand with each author, seer, idealist and dreamer
until the message of change has taken hold, and I will not give up on you.
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