Self-Massage for Healing HTML version

Before I became a massage therapist, I knew little about massage in general, yet
alone self-massage. Massaging myself when I was sore and achy never even crossed
my mind.
When I entered massage school, I was still largely ignorant about massage and self-
massage. As I learned about and read about massage, I started to wonder why this
hadn't been part of my life earlier. Massage helps treat so many conditions in a safe
way. Why didn't more people use it?
In school we also learned about some self-massage techniques, but these instances
of learning were limited. There was no specific class dedicated to learning self-
massage. If an instructor happened to think of something, she would mention it in
passing, but this information was never emphasized.
When I started my own massage practice. I had a few clients
who complained that they couldn't afford to get massage as
often as they wanted. Some of these clients had conditions
that were not getting better because they could only afford
to get massaged once every couple weeks.
I can remember one woman in particular who had recurring
low back pain as a result of tension in her piriformis
muscle. This is a small muscle that is under your glutes. It
is often a contributor to low back pain. Here's a picture of Page 2 of 15
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