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Fear,Worry and Anger

by : Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji


Translated by


Krishna Iyer and Nitin Ahir

Title :
The Book of liberation : Fear and Worry
First English Edition, July 2003
Second English Edition, Nov. 2003
Third English Edition, April 2004

Self liberation from : Fear, Worry and Anger Fifth Edition, Feb. 2005
Sixth English Edition, July 2005
Seventh English Edition, June 2006

© Tej Gyan Foundation All Rights Reserved 2006. Tej Gyan Foundation is a charitable trust registered in India under the Bombay Public Trust Act. Reg. No. : E-2921, Pune.

ISBN No. : 81-8415-063-6


Translated by :


- Krishna Iyer and Nitin Ahir

Acknowledgments :
- Jugal Gupta, Dr. Sunita Sabnani, Dr. Paranjpe, Sachin Pardeshi

Published by :


- Tej Gyan Foundation Price : Rs. 120/


Preface 7
Self Liberation Book One : Fear 11

What is Fear
Understanding Fear and Phobia 13

Types of Fear
Knowing natural and unnatural fears 17

The six causes of Fear
Know the cause and eradicate the effect 23

Freedom from Fear : Part One
Three steps that will weaken the roots of fear 27

Freedom from Fear : Part Two
Three steps that will make the tree of fear to fall 31

The Fear Liberating Mantra
I am God’s property, no evil can touch me 37

Liberation from the fear of Death
How to kill the fear of death 41

The Instant Way to be rid of Fear
The power of imagination 45

The Ultimate Way to be rid of Fear
Take an oath that you will not die before your death 49

Self Liberation Book Two : Worry 53

What is Worry
Understanding worry, anxiety, stress and panic 55

The Invisible Way to be rid of Worry
Prayer – The greatest power 59

The In-depth Way to be rid of Worry
Stop worrying about worry 62

The First Way to be rid of Worry
The one hour worry cure technique 65

The Second Way to be rid of Worry
Desensitize yourself from worry 68

The Third Way to be rid of Worry
Three questions, three steps, one formula 70

The Practical Way to be rid of Worry
The law of average wrecks worry and destroys delusion 73

The Illogical Way to be rid of Worry
Learn To Laugh At Your Worries 76
The Intelligent Way to be rid of Worry
The power of rational thinking 78
The Knowledgeable Way to be rid of Worry
Know the irrefutable law of life 81
The Positive Way to be rid of Worry
Your attitude determines your altitude 85
The Worry Liberation Mantra
The problem that is not grave enough to slay me can only strengthen me 89
The Easiest Way to be rid of Worry
Know your instinctive mind 93
The Final Way to be rid of Worry
Increase your worries 97

Self Liberation Book Three : Anger 101

What is Anger
Understanding anger and the defilements of the mind103
Types of the Angry
Find your type 109
Childhood and the Beginnings of Anger
The responsible way to rid your child of anger 111
The Aware Way to be rid of Anger
Understand the effects of anger 117
The Revolutionary Way to be rid of Anger
Embrace, transform and use anger 123
The Knowledgeable Way to get freedom from Anger Know the cause, remove the effect 127
The Prepared Way to be rid of Anger
Ten measures to get rid of anger before anger arises 133
The Coolest Way of calming Anger
Prayer – The blessing of peace 137
Eight Quick fire Measures to calm the fire of Anger Temporary measures 139
Seven Sure Ways to get rid of Anger
Permanent measures 143
The Ultimate Way to be rid of Anger
The anger liberation mantra 151


Reading the first and last paragraph is recommended

Everyone in the world was living happily. There were no problems at all. Then one fine day, everyone in the world accepted an invitation to attend a marriage. The marriage was to happen between Fear and Worry. Illusion, the father of the bride and Depression, the mother of the bridegroom invited the solemn presence of everyone. The priest was Anger who completed the unholy alliance without thinking twice. Since then everyone has been visiting the couple daily and seeking counselling from the priest. They seem to see no way of living without them.

Looking at the devastating effects of fear, worry and anger in the present day world, the fable mentioned above could very much be true. Modern life is a life of stress, hurry and tight schedules. We are living in the age where the computers are married to the telephones, where moral values have taken a backseat and deadlines [not lifelines] set the course of the day. There is so much to be done, but no time to do it. This naturally results in fear, worry and anger. Wherever you look, you can see nothing but strife, conflict and grudges. In every direction, we see anxious, depressed and furious faces. Every place is blazing with fights, disputes and hatred. Brother is fighting against brother, son is tussling against father, daughter-in-law is quarrelling with mother-in-law, daughter is clashing against mother, son is bickering his mother, friend is battling against friend, neighbour is contending against neighbour...!

There have been many things said about fear, worry and anger. But yet the terrible threesome continue to plague every person, every home, every neighbourhood, every society, every office, every city, every state, every country. They continue to trouble because many things about fear, worry and anger remain unsaid. This book is an attempt to bring about the missing link in understanding them and banishing them from our lives forever.

Indeed many things have been said so far about fear, worry and anger; many things that only make us more afraid of fear, more anxious about worrying and furious about anger. In our research in India and abroad, before translating this book, we came across various books and programs on fear, worry and anger. All of them were problem statements. None of them offered practical solutions. The importance of this book is that it is a solution set that can be applied in everyday life. It contains multiple solutions against fear, worry and anger. While we were translating this book, we realized that this is the most comprehensive set of techniques or solutions on the troublesome three we have ever come across. We thank Sirshree for penning the Hindi original. It is a privilege to translate this wonderful book for English Lovers.

Krishna Iyer and Nitin Ahir

How to read this book :

1. Read the book end to end so that you feel free from fear forever, can wage war with worry and win and accomplish the annihilation of anger adequately.

2. Whenever fear, worry or anger strikes, then open any page of this book. Read whatever solution comes up. Contemplate on the solution. Implement the solution.

3. If you are distraught with fear, then start with book one. If you are troubled by worry, then book two is from where you can start. If you are furious with anger then book three will be the antidote.

4. There are three mantras given in the book, first to combat worry, the second to use against fear and third to abolish anger. Use these mantras in your day-to-day life. Reread those chapters (Chapter 6, book one, Chapter 12, book two and Chapter 11, book three) whenever it is important to remind yourself about these powerful mantras.

5. While reading this book, remind yourself that liberation in its truest sense is what one should attain. 'Self liberation from fear, worry and anger' is just a stepping stone.
Is this book dedicated to you ?

This book is dedicated to men who have feared the future and have worried about the current state of affairs and are angry about the slow progress so much that they have then gone on to take massive action. It is owing to them that man has discovered many a thing in both the external and internal world. This book is dedicated to the men who worry the most. These are the men that are the Siddharthas of the present and the Buddhas of the future. That is why it has been said, “Congratulate the man who worries, since worry is a pathway to liberation. And liberation will eradicate fear, anger, ego, hatred and greed from its roots.”

Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji