Sejanus His Fall HTML version

SCENE I.-A State Room in the Palace.
Enter SABINUS and SILIUS, followed by LATIARIS.
Sab. Hail, Caius Silius!
Sil. Titius Sabinus, hail! You're rarely met in court.
Sab. Therefore, well met.
Sil.'Tis true: indeed, this place is not our sphere.
No, Silius, we are no good inginers.
We want their fine arts, and their thriving use
Should make us graced, or favour'd of the times:
We have no shift of faces, no cleft tongues,
No soft and glutinous bodies, that can stick,
Like snails on painted walls; or, on our breasts,
Creep up, to fall from that proud height, to which
We did by slavery, not by service climb.
We are no guilty men, and then no great;
We have no place in court, office In state,
That we can say, we owe unto our crimes:
We burn with no black secrets, which can make
Us dear to the pale authors; or live fear'd
Of their still waking jealousies, to raise
Ourselves a fortune, by subverting theirs.
We stand not in the lines, that do advance
To that so courted point.
Enter SATRIUS and NATTA, at a distance.
But yonder lean
A pair that do.
Sab. [salutes Latiaris.] Good cousin Latiaris.---
Satrius Secundus, and Pinnarius Natta,
The great Sejanus' clients: there be two,
Know more than honest counsels; whose close breasts,