Seed of 3 Goals, 1 Vision HTML version

1. Introduction
Every one of us wishes that we live successfully, happily and peacefully with enough wealth,
power, love and wisdom. Does it mean that all the benefits can be achieved in our lives? The
answer to this question is yes. Nothing is Impossible for Jesus Christ, for He makes all things
possible. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. This statement centers on the three
visions that He was having and being the son of God He also wants us to be the children of God.
He desires to take us to the Kingdom of heaven though Him. All things are possible through
Jesus Christ in His Kingdom.
In our everyday life, we tend to take up different works on different occasions and end up with
fewer results. Direction less is the cause of such an outcome in the present generation. The
book helps the reader to identify his need for living and the service he has to render to his
fellowmen. The search to find a list of goals does not lie outside us, but within us. The world
looks the way we look at the world. In turn the world looks at us the way we look at the world.
A deep understanding of us paves a path to undertake the goals we set, the work we do, the
people whom we meet, the person who I am and the person who I become. Isn’t it true? The
person who I am for others and the person who I am for myself should align together to have
inner peace, inner energy and inner happiness.
A ‘goal’ is a desired result a person envisions with plans and commits to achieve. It can be
personal or having organizational significance in some sort of assumed development. Many
people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. A ‘Vision’ is the
formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the
senses. It outlines how the world/organization wants to be. It is a long-term view and
concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration.
Three goals, one vision’ concept aims to bring towards the people an awareness to live a
fulfilling and a meaningful life. Goals may be sub-divided to have new sub-goals within it
creating a strong root of growth for a lifetime success. Why not give a try to form a vision. It
3 A simple journey for a successful living