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I feel like I have to save her . . . to save all of them. I think this is what I am supposed to do with
my life. I try explaining this to them, but I'm sure I butchered it along the way.
“Well, den,” Ms. Josephine says, “we just need to be sure we've done everythin' possible to
ensure you make a safe trip.” She ponders something and then asks me, “Are you absolutely sure
dat you 'aven't missed nothin' in dat Book of Sighs? Cause, dat's really all we got to go on.”
I've read every translated page. I guess we could go back and read it all again. Just to be safe.
“Do dat,” she said, “cause tomorrow will be 'ere before you know it. And once you go, dere
ain't no turnin' back.”
“Do you think this is going to be dangerous?” Ricky asked.
“ . . . boys,” she said, “every time you step across da plane between da livin' and da dead, you
take a chance on never returnin'. Each voyage you make could be for eternity. So dat is somethin'
you got to take into consideration when makin' a decision like dis. Eternity.”
I'm going to tell them I'll help. I'll do whatever I can. If this is my calling—and I think that it
is—then I don't really have a choice in the matter.
“ . . . no,” Ms. Josephine said, “ . . . I don't suppose you do. None of us do.”
Then she stood up, and stretched her arms, yawning, “Go on 'ome, boys. Get your rest.
Tomorrow is goin' be a big day.”