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1,685 YEARS LATER . . .
MAY, 9TH . . .
My name is Jack Pagan . . . and I might as well be four months and sixteen days old. I need to
tell you about them. I need to prepare you for the monsters.
My name—Jack Pagan—is one that the doctors at the hospital gave me. Jack, because that was
a hell of a lot better than John Doe. And my last name—Pagan—well . . . that's because I told those
doctors they could keep all of their religious propaganda. Save somebody else. If there is a god,
he doesn't seem to be in my corner.
Like when my life disappeared, where was He then? When the first few decades of my
existence were snatched away . . . I could have used some faith. I didn't need a big sea splitting
miracle. A floating bible would have been enough. I'd have settled for a toasted Jesus on a grilled-
cheese sandwich, even.
But nope.
Just silence.
I don't actually remember what made the darkness come. There's this shrill ringing sound
that seems to permanently echo in my head. Like some loud explosion that's stuck bouncing
around in my mind, forever. A stagnant memory being replayed, over and over.
Imagine a DVD scratched just right to repeat, and repeat, and repeat the same second in time.
An answering machine stuck on one fraction of one message. An anonymous frame in time that I
won't be allowed to forget.
It never gets any duller, this sound. And it never leads me any closer to what actually
happened. Whatever crashed my hard drive, did it completely. It's like, with that one loud pop,
everything else was wiped-out.
These know-it-all doctors, they keep saying how lucky I am to be alive. Massive trauma to the
base of my skull which caused,
“ . . . localized bilateral lesions in the limbic system, notably in the hippocampus and medial side
of the temporal lobe, as well as parts of the thalamus, and their associated connections.
That's doctor talk for messed-up head. They tested me for all kinds of brain disorders and
diseases—Cerebral arteriosclerosis (hardening of the brain arteries), Korsakoff's Syndrome