Secrets of the Mind HTML version

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The daily events of life offer a mix of feelings you can choose from to make
you happy or miserable. It is just like the air you breathe which is a mix of
hot and cold air that can be separated to heat or cool your home.
Smell and taste what you eat and compare with the output. Your physical
body is bright enough to retain only the parts that suit it best. Time has come
for your conscious intelligence to realize that good and bad dwell at the same
A large part of your brain remains unexplored and untamed. More complex
than a multispin particle, your brain must be turned inside out and upside
down thousands of time before revealing its full potential.
Happiness and unhappiness are two sides of the same coin, both present in
every aspect of life. The question here is: how can you shun away
unhappiness and make yours happiness surrounding you each day of your
SECRETS OF THE MIND invites you to discover one of the countless
hidden facets of your personal world. It urges you to walk into the mirror
and visit a universe of affluence that is all yours and quite within reach.
Mind boggling – Flabbergasting
Odd, odd, odd