Secrets of the Hand Lines HTML version

“The Revealing Hand”
The Etymology, of which we must never leave aside, shows us that the Chirology
science deals with uncovering existing interrelations between hand and character.
Chiromancy, the most common term, comes from the Greek word Kheirmain and
from the world of prediction. It is the art of reading the lines of the palm. This was
practiced by the Caldeans, giving it a godly meaning: ”God placed the signs in people’s
palms so that they can know their work.”
The Lines of the hand have been studied in all countries, in Egypt, Persia, India,
Rome, China etc.
Chiromancy evolved in Greece: the philosopher Anaxagoras taught this science,
and Aristotle, Pline, Paracelse, Emperor Augustus… and many others took it into
We can read in Iov’s book the followings:
“On each man He places His seal, so that all men will acknowledge His power.”
However, like with all other forms of pagan predictions, the Christian Church
discredited chiromancy practice.
Nevertheless, during the Middle Age chiromancy went through a period of
prosperity, despite the Church’s opposition.
The observer’s spirit is astonished by the uniqueness of each hand. It is well
known of the importance of digital fingerprints, through which every individual becomes
unique. As opposed to any picture, or body measurement, they allow a better
identification of the individual.
The Science that includes various techniques of body measurement
“anthropometry” uses, measurements, photographs and digital fingerprints.
The finger’s center contains countless nervous fibers and the hand’s sensibilit y
enriches the existing relations between man, nature and his like.
Each portion of the brain is in direct contact with the hands nerves and, in
particular, with those located in the center of the fingers.
In the brain, the senses felt by the hands take up more space than all the others.