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Secrets of the Hand Lines


The Revealing Hand …………………………………………………….…………….....3 The Hand Shape…………………………………………………………………………6 Ø The Finger Tips……………………………………….…………….10 Ø The Nails ..…………………………………………………………..12 Ø The Fingers .………………………………………………………...14 Ø The Hand Mountains……………………………………………….22 Ø The Hand Lines……………………………………………………..31 Ø The Line of Mind…………………………………………………...32 Ø The Life Line………………………………………………………..37 Ø The Luck Line or Destiny Line……………………………………39 Ø The Sun Line or Success Line……………………………………...42 Ø The Heart Line……………………………………………………...44 Ø The Health Line…………………………………………………….45 Ø The Line of Marriage and Sexuality………………………………47 Ø The Line of Planet Mars…………………………………………...50 Ø The Secondary Lines……………………………………………….51 Ø The Wrinkles...……………………………………………………...53

“The Revealing Hand”

The Etymology, of which we must never leave aside, shows us that the Chirology science deals with uncovering existing interrelations between hand and character.
Chiromancy, the most common term, comes from the Greek word Kheirmain and from the world of prediction. It is the art of reading the lines of the palm. This was practiced by the Caldeans, giving it a godly meaning: ”God placed the signs in people’s palms so that they can know their work.”
The Lines of the hand have been studied in all countries, in Egypt, Persia, India, Rome, China etc.
Chiromancy evolved in Greece: the philosopher Anaxagoras taught this science, and Aristotle, Pline, Paracelse, Emperor Augustus… and many others took it into account.
We can read in Iov’s book the followings:
“On each man He places His seal, so that all men will acknowledge His power.”
However, like with all other forms of pagan predictions, the Christian Church discredited chiromancy practice.
Nevertheless, during the Middle Age chiromancy went through a period of prosperity, despite the Church’s opposition.
The observer’s spirit is astonished by the uniqueness of each hand. It is well known of the importance of digital fingerprints, through which every individual becomes unique. As opposed to any picture, or body measurement, they allow a better identification of the individual.
The Science that includes var ious techniques o f body measure ment “anthropometry” uses, measurements, photographs and digital fingerprints.
The finger’s center contains countless nervous fibers and the hand’s sensibilit y enriches the existing relations between man, nature and his like.
Each portion of the brain is in direct contact with the hands nerves and, in particular, with those located in the center of the fingers.
In the brain, the senses felt by the hands take up more space than all the others.
Studying the fetus has shown that in the moment of hand formation, the definitive lines of the palm also take shape. If we suffer any kind of burn damage to the palms, its lines will heal very fast, keeping their initial shape intact.
In literature, but also in common language, the hand holds up an important place. The biggest love proof we can give someone is to “ask someone’s hand in marriage” Frederic Dard, priest of Saint Antonio, makes this eulogy:
“All the miracles and all the experiences are the work of our hands. The hand helps us to express ourselves, but it also condemns us.
It protects us and denounces us.
It takes part in our love adventures.
It demands and it begs.
It blesses.
But, above all else: it writes.”
It is the idea of a writer passionate and sensitive of his work.
Even symbolism gives the hand an important place in expressions such as“the hand of justice” or”the hand of Fatma”
We will however come back to a more practical realm and we’ll study the hand under the following aspects:
- The general shape;
- The fingers;
- The humidity and harshness of skin;
- The hand’s temperature;
- The touching sensation (solidity or softness);
- The fingernails;
- The palm lines;
- The mountains;
- The hones of the joints etc.
Before any examination, it will be established if the person is right-handed or lefthanded.
In case of a right-handed person, the right hand will reveal him as he is la that moment (Figure 1).
The left hand indicates natural possibilities at birth, possibilities that will be more or less put to good use in the future (Figure 2).

00002.jpg00003.jpgFigure 1


00004.jpgFigure 2


In the case of any individual there can be done certain measurements regarding the correct or incorrect usage of his/her natural possibilities and abilities, comparing the inborn trends with those gained.

Thus, we can caution him/her regarding the inherent risks to which he/her can be exposed to. The important differences, not caused by accidents (burns, bruises, skin diseases…), may reveal an unsolved inner conflict.

In this book we will approach only the essential and practical aspects of Chiromancy.

The Hand Shape

First we need to observe is the general shape of the hand or know the person’s character. Much like how a horse’s leg can give information to a connoisseur, the shape of a hand is a very interesting indicator.

The Size
The observer is first of all amazed by the size of the hands. If a short person possesses big hands, it means that he/she is especially interested in details. He/She better notices small details rather than the general characteristics. If however, a tall person has small hands, it means that he/she neglects details in favor of a larger outlook of things. He/She quickly judges on first impressions.

The Palm ’s Width
It must be taken into consideration. It is measured based on its length. It is said that a palm is broad (Figure 3) when its width is bigger than its length. And narrow (Figure 4), when its length is bigger than its width.

00005.jpgFigure 3
The Broad Palm
00006.jpgFigure 4

Reveals a kind person, open towards other people, something psychologists call extroversion. This person loves companionship, hides from loneliness and favors a diverse work ethic.

The Narrow Palm
Sign of self doubt, of introversion. The subject has difficulties interacting and favors working alone. He/She has an independent character. Sometimes the subject tends to be selfish .
Usually, there are seven types of hands.
- The elementary hand;
- The conic hand;
- The square hand;
- The pointed hand;
- The hand in the shape of a spade;
- The knotty hand;
- The mixed hand.

The Elementary Hand (Figure 5)
It is very short and thick and the fingers are much sorter than the palm. This type of hand reveals strength, roughness, but not necessarily violence. Nevertheless, it is commonly found on brutal individuals, guided by primary instincts, such as food, drink and sex. This human type is rarely open to examination, and his sensibility is limited. Fortunately, this type has become extremely rare due to human civilization.

00007.jpgFigure 5

The Conic Hand (Figure 6)
It is also, called the artistic hand. It gets thinner starting from the base, towards the top. The fingers are long, gracious. It is often found in the Orient. It leaves the impression of refinement, softness and sensuality. It indicates sensibility, artistic taste for all disciplines. There is however the risk of shallowness, even insolence, if the line of the mind and the firmness of the hand’s flesh won’t show that the artistic talents will not remain in their latent form, instead they will be expanded through labor and volition.

00008.jpgFigure 6

The Square Hand (Figure 7)
It is also called the realistic hand, as apposed to the conic hand. In could fit into a square or a square like rectangular. The base of the fingers, like the base of the joint, makes a straight line. The hand’s sides are rectilinear and even the fingers take the shape of a rectangular, the thumb being generally long and on the outside. The square hand is the sign of a practical spirit, organized, generally honest, but lacking imagination. We can trust the work ethic of people with this type of hands, but we could also have some regrets due to their materialism and their excess of reasoning as opposed to their feelings and sensibilities.

00009.jpgFigure 7

The Pointed Hand (Figure 8)
It is long and narrow, the fingers are thin, and the fingernails form a very long curve. It is the hand of the emotive, intuitive, sentimental types of people. We will differentiate it from the conic hand, due to it being more sensual and refined.

00010.jpgFigure 8

The Hand in the Shape of a Spade (Figure 9)
The finger tips of these hands have the shape of a spade/shovel, they are wide and flat. The palm has an irregular shape; if it is larger at the base of the fingers rather than the joint, the subject is less impulsive. If not, he/she is dominated by anger. The hand in the shape of a spade is the sign of energy, of courage, of volition. It is the hand of the conquerors, of the builders. There is however the risk of tyranny.

00011.jpgFigure 9
The Knotty Hand (Figure 10)

Sometimes it is called the philosopher ’s hand; it is bonnie, long, with knotty joints. The general shape is irregular. It is the hand of thinkers or intellectuals: philosophers, mathematicians, notorious monks. It is said that all lettered monks have this type of hand.


Figure 10 The Mixed Hand (Figure 11)
This type pieces together the characteristics of multiple types of hands previously

examined. A square hand may have fingernails in the shape of a spade. A wide palm may have long and thin fingers…


00013.jpgFigure 11


Even the fingers can have different types. In order to interpret these types, we must refer to each hand type. In the case of these subjects there is a sign to various resources, but also contradictions and versatility…

The variety of characteristics may be luxuriant if the signs of thought and volition, found on the palm’s lines, helps us to uncover these two positive aspects of the character.

We will gradually study the following:
· The fingertips;
· The fingernails;
· The thumb;
· The other fingers.

The Finger Tips


Regarding the fingertips, there are three specific shapes.

The Conic Tip (Figure 12)
It thins up towards the top, progressively, without any knurls. The possessor of such fingers enjoys a world of ideas, of actions. He/She loves comfort and pleasure. They have a sense of beauty and, if all of their fingers have this shape then we are dealing with an artist. This person is endowed with intuition, a great affinity for taste and a trend of not complying with any taboos or other conventions. In the noble sense of the word, he/she is an amateur, but his/her work is more intellectual than physical.
Sometimes their sense of casualness or the lack of volition can be a bit problematic otherwise this person is generally a wizard.

00014.jpgFigure 12

The Square Tip (Figure 13)
Its shape is defines by its own name. It is the sign discipline at work and in personal life. We are standing in the presence of a rational personality, a rule abider, both socially and religiously. His originality is almost non-existent, much like his adventurous nature. Nevertheless, we can count on their constancy, perseverance and common sense. This subject’s main concern is safety, for which he/she must put up with constant monotonous discipline. The possible risk however is stubbornness.


The Flat Tip (Figure 14)
Resembles the square tip, however, it is wider at the top. We’re in the presence of a dynamic subject, sometimes nervous, who can rarely remain inactive, even though the world of ideas is less interesting to him/her, rather than the physical one. He/She loves trips, fresh air, often even mechanics.

00016.jpgFigure 14
The Mixed Tips (Figure 15)

One hand may possess all three types of fingers. It is a fairly common phenomenon; it is the sign of characteristic variety, of polyvalent personalities. Such subjects know how to adapt to their surroundings they are endowed with curiosity however they run the risk of not analyzing problems in depth. They are very cooperative and good connoisseurs of“public relations”.

00017.jpgFigure 15
The Fingernails

Doctors often examine patient ’s fingernails. Some of them claim that at a fingernail level can be found congenital illnesses (heart, lungs, nerves…).
There are five types of fingernails:

The Long Fingernails (Figure 16 and 17)
This type, reveals a lung disease especially if they are vertically knurled. In case they are less long, the neck may become slightly more sensitive. If the

nails have a shade of blue, then the risk of disease occurrence is higher.


00018.jpg00019.jpgFigure 16 (Very Long) Figure 17 (Long)

The Short Fingernails (Figure 18)
Reveal a heart condition. The less visible lunule increases the risk. A short, flat, slightly deepened at the base fingernail reveals a problematic nervous system. If the nail shows a horizontal deepening, then the situation is more severe. The place where this deepening is located helps us to uncover the date of the disease, the fingernail being able to fully grow in nine months. If the deepening is at the base, then the disease is recent; around the middle, then the disease has four or five months; at the top, then eight or nine months.

00020.jpgFigure 18
The Long Narrow Fingernails (Figure 19)


They reveal a fragile spine, and if they are curved, they show a spine deflection.


00021.jpgThe Flat Fingernails (Figure 20)


If they are in the shape of a shell with a pointy base, they reveal the risk of paralysis; the risk is higher if a shade of blue or white covers the fingernails.


00022.jpgFigure 20
White Spots

On the fingernails, these are a sign of general weakness. If these spots are abundant, then the nervous system is affected.
The Fingernails’ Lunule
It reveals the individual’s vigor and a good blood stream. If they are too wide, there is the risk of hypertension. If they are too narrow, there is the risk of hypotension; in case of profound weakness, first the lunule will become blue, then the entire fingernail.

The Fingers
Generally, fingers differ in thickness, length and shape. Often, a finger is dominant, the others tilt towards it or so we think. The thumb is always examined separately, independently than the others which, usually, have a name (Figure 21): the forefinger is the finger of Jupiter, the middle finger is the finger of Saturn; the ring finger is the finger of the Sun or Apollo. The small finger is the finger of Mercury. We will observe the phalanxes, starting with the top of the finger (the first phalanx).
The Finger of Jupiter
If it is long, it’s the sign of authority, of affinity to power, of pride. If it is short, it’s the symbol of ambition. Intuition, as the sign of conic fingertips, is increased if the first phalanx is longer than the rest. The length of the second phalanx underlines the will of action. If the third phalanx is long, this represents taste for power. If, on the other hand, it is short, it’s the sign of modesty.

00023.jpgFigure 21
The Finger of Saturn

It reveals information about the subject ’s way of thinking. If it is long, the spirit towers over the material. The first long phalanx is the sign of lucidity, of sincerity; if it is short, it’s the sign of shallowness, of flippancy. If it is thin, it means cruelty. The second phalanx provides information regarding the scientific aspect, unless it is long. If it is short, it symbolizes naivety.

The Finger of the Sun or Apollo
It provides information about social life and artistic ability. The first long phalanx provides the tendency of gaining small glory/fame; a short one is the sign of simplicity. The second long phalanx reveals a sign for creative talents in the art world. If it is short, then any artistic capabilities are non-existent. The third long phalanx, indicate a sign of idealism, of even utopia. If it short, it mean realism.



00024.jpg00025.jpg00026.jpgFigure 21

The Finger of Mercury
If it is long it reveals great intellectual possibilities, an oratorical talent. If it is short, it indicates some difficulties regarding oral expression. If it is twisted along side an uneven line of mind, it is the sign of some psychological problems.

Generally, the fingers are attached to different levels of the palm; the skin clearly underlines the joint. Often, the small finger is attached lower.


Attachment at different levels (Figure 22)

This is the general case, which indicates disequilibrium between different aspects of the personality.
Attachment at the same level (Figure 23)
It is rare and denotes common sense, equilibrium, a good integration in the social life.

00027.jpg00028.jpgFigure 22 Figure 23

It is worth mentioning, for amateur astrologers, that every phalanx of every finger accounts for one of the twelve zodiac signs (Figure 24), and the mountains at the base of each finger holds the names of the fingers (Figure 21).


Figure 24
The Finger of Jupiter (Forefinger)
First phalanx: Ares
Second phalanx: Taurus
Third phalanx: Gemini
The Mountain of Jupiter.

The Finger of Saturn (Middle Finger) First phalanx: Capricorn
Second phalanx: Aquarius
Third phalanx: Pisces
The Mountain of Saturn.

The Finger of the Sun or Apollo (Ring Finger) First phalanx: Cancer
Second phalanx: Lion
Third phalanx: Virgo
The Mountain of the Sun.

The Finger of Mercury (The Small Finger) First phalanx: Libra
Second phalanx: Scorpio
Third phalanx: Sagittarius
The Mountain of Mercury.

We will mention for amateurs of acupuncture that Jupiter’s finger corresponds with the large intestine’s meridian.
The finger of Saturn with the blood stream and sexual organs’ meridian.
The finger of the Sun or Apollo with the meridian of digestion, respiration and generation (triple source of warmth).
The Finger of Mercury with the heart’s meridian.

The Thumb
One of man’s characteristics in the animal reign is the fact that the thumb is opposite to the rest of the fingers. This means, man can touch the tips oh the other four fingers. In acupuncture, the lung’s meridian crosses through the thumb.
The place of the thumb gives us information about the subject’s social skills. If it is close to the joint, this means the subject is prone to independence and freedom. If it is upper, closer to the forefinger, it’s a sign of selfishness and acceptance of some ideas already given.
The length of the thumb is also important. If it is long, it means the subject has a strong personality (Figure 25).

00030.jpgFigure 25
If it is short
(Figure 26), it reveals a weak personality, the subject being devoid of any authority.


00031.jpgFigure 26
If the thumb is rigid
(Figure 27), meaning straight, it is the sign of firmness (but also a lack of diplomacy), of loyalty or fidelity.


If the thumb is flexible or curved (Figure 28), it is the sign that the person is pliable towards other people’s personality and sometimes it is the sign of an outrageous impulsiveness.


00032.jpgFigure 28

The thumb in the shape of a mace (Figure 29) thick at the top, will indicate brutality, stubbornness, anger…If the thumb is short and in the shape of a mace this aspects are further increased.

00033.jpgFigure 29
The thumb with the soft middle
(Figure 30) is a sign of diplomacy and ability.

It is considered that the thumb has two phalanxes: the first, from the top, represents volition, the second reason. The junction between the thumb and the hand may represent the third phalanx, a sign of love; this one is covert by mount Venus. Pending on how well developed are these phalanxes, we can fully interpret them with the help of the following instructions (Figure 31).

Figure 31 (Volition, Reason, Love) 00034.jpg

The Hand Mountains

The Hand Mountains correspond to the seven planets, which give us the traditional characteristics passed on by the Greeks. (Figure 32).

Venus : love, passion, sexuality, the Fine Arts.
Mars: fight, boldness, courage.
Jupiter: volition, ambition.
Saturn: patience, tenacity, self confidence.
The Sun: success, abundance, brightness.
Mercury: intelligence, commercial and scientific abilities.
The Moon: imagination, dreaming, instability.

00035.jpgFigure 32

These interpretations will be further studied based on the importance of the mountain. There are always discussions regarding the hand’s lines and little talk of its mountains. The ancients gave each one a planet’s name and the Greeks noticed that these planets defined the characters given regularly to people who were influenced by their horoscope. Without the need for astrology, we can therefore rememorize the all so known planetary influences.


It is the female planet by default; it symbolizes maternity, it gives life. Also, it is the goddess of love, beauty and grace. It is happiness, desire, sensuality.
Venus’ Mountain (Figure 32)
We cannot disregard it. It is situated at the base of the thumb, between the line of life and the finger. If it is clearly developed, meaty and well defined, then it symbolizes the desire to like, the need of constant contact, be it love, friendship or just simple communication with others.
Venus’s Mountain well developed and with a good blood circulation belongs to those able to enjoy a good health and blossoming sensuality. The subjects with this Mountain of Venus are seducers, even if they are not beautiful, their vitality will simply attract sympathy.
If Venus’s Mountain is flat, without any emphasis, pale and poorly irrigated, the subject suffers from contrary natural dispositions. Often enough the subject isn’t attractive sexually or emotionally and has no ability for human interaction. It would be advisable for this subject not to be given a job in“public relations”.

The Mars Planet is the red planet, icon of blood, war, battles and violent actions. It is also the symbol of fire, lust, passion, anger and movement. This lust which favors the fighting spirit can even be found in human relations: burning love, exaggerated friendship. Taken to the extreme, it means cruelty, intolerance, zealotry, jealous, aggressive spirit…
Mars’ Mountain occupies two positions:

00036.jpg00037.jpg00038.jpgFigure 32

The First Mountain of Mars (Figure 32)
It is situated under the line of life, close to the thumb; it is considered positive. During the following we’ll study its physical characteristics.
If it is well developed and firm it reveals a brave nature, volition, authority, a sense of bossy attitude, someone who doesn’t like to be contradicted.
These subjects are often military men, but also stubborn, intolerant, violent, angry even though they are generous. They get easily angry. They suffer from headaches and have health issues caused bye blood circulation problems. If the line of mind is clear and long, their passion may be controlled and their profiling will be precise.
The Second Mountain of Mars (Figure 32)
It is situated between the line of the heart and the line of the mind, on the other side of the hand. It is also known as the Negative Mountain of Mars. It reveals the intellectual and moral aspect of the individual, having the same characteristics, placed however on the spiritual and sentimental level.
The subject possessing a well defined Negative Mountain of Mars, isn’t violent, his passion and courage is more on the intellectual side. The subject prefers oratorical fights, field fights. He/She is a versatile talker, from which victory is sought. The subject knows how to wait in uncovering mistakes in the opponent’s ideas and to be able to overcome him through his ability. The subject is more of an organizer rather then an accomplisher. He/She plants ideas and counts on others to reap off of them.
In the case of the average subjects, craftiness may become treachery. It is said they are closer to poison than fist.Intelligent, they are built for natural sciences, for medicine… They have plenty of talents and often they don’t stay long on the same course. They are easily influenced which can lead them to either positive or negative ends. The sign of Mars possesses two meaning: the scorpion biting his tail, the negative aspect, or the vulture overlooking the sky, the positive aspect.
While positive Mars shows signs of blood stream problems, negative Mars shows sexual problems during young age, and later, problems with the digestive system.


Jupiter is the biggest planet with the most number of satellites. It has the Greek gods’ emperor. It is however very close god to people… especially women with whom he had numerous children, who ultimately became heroes. He is a generous and powerful god but also a tyrant and self centered.

Jupiter ’s Mountain (Figure 32)
It is situated under the forefinger. If it is defined, it is the sign of dominance, of power and order. With the sole condition that the line of the mind be long and clear; if not, it reveals foolish vanity. Together with a positive line of mind, it becomes the best sign. The subject’s ambition is obvious, animated by courage and volition; it promises success in all aspects. The subject sizes the moment; is impulsive and doesn’t stand being contradicted. His loyalty is unquestioned but ruthless with anyone who isn’t. The subject is bold in business as is in love, but remains an individualistic; his place is in top and nowhere else. The happy chosen of Jupiter are difficult children due to their early formed personalities. They need freedom of choice quite early in their lives. They are vulnerable however to overexertion due to their overwhelming passions. Their week point regarding health is: rheumatism, neck problems, skin issues…
If Jupiter’s Mountain is non-existent, the subject is shy, he fears contact with others, isn’t able to become something of himself despite his great many intellectual qualities. He is often a pessimist, he suffers from depressions.

00039.jpgFigure 32


Planet Saturn was exiled by Jupiter, according to Greek legend. It is the planet of mystery, pitch darkness, meditation, of philosophy.


It is far away form earthly life which leads people to a spiritual journey that can be positive through humanistic reflection or negative, through isolation leading to melancholy.



Saturn ’s Mountain (Figure 32)
It is situated under the middle finger. If it is clearly defined, it symbolizes prudence in relations with other people, even mistrust, sign that leads to loneliness, serious work ethics as well as in education. The subject feels isolated, and doesn’t know how to communicate with others. He fails to accept other people’s authority. He/She has his/her own personal sense of responsibility which can become a burden. Such individuals are often deprived of love and affection.
The absence of Saturn’s Mountain reveals a convenient, icy person lacking consistency.

The Sun
The Sun, it is the master of fire, light and life. It is the symbol of the spirit, of the inner“lights”, token of the fire of life which animated the being. It can be the spirit of energy, creation and in the negative sense of destruction and death.
The Sun’s Mountain (Figure 32)
It is situated under the ring finger, also known as Apollo’s Mountain. If it is very defined, it reveals glory, stardom, success and esthetic talents. A lot of artists are blessed with this Sun’s Mountain. The subject has a keen likeness towards beautiful things, in his/her own home, as well as in nature. They love human contacts, to receive guests, and be invited, driven by a worm feeling of friendship, they shine. Sometimes they are too generous, but always liked. His personality rarely goes unnoticed; they know how to be useful but they never accept betrayal, in which case they become vengeful. They badly grow old because of their unwillingness to accept help from others due to pride (people who want to commit suicide often possess a developed Mountain of the Sun). Their health dwindles due to cardiac problems, headaches.
The Sun’s Mountain absence signifies failure. The subject is inclined to execute rather than command. He remains in the shadow (The Sun’s opposite). The subject deals with suffering and ingratitude quietly. Their health is often affected by liver and stomach aches, by circulatory problems, by fractures. They are pleased with a dry sunny climate.

00040.jpg00041.jpg00042.jpgFigure 32

Mercury is the Sun’s neighboring planet, the initiator, the messenger of the gods. Its scepter; a snake with to heads rapped around a pole; signifies biological life. Doctors have accepted this symbol. It is also the symbol of knowledge and intelligence. Mercury is the one that facilitates relations; it is the god of commerce of human relations. It is the messenger which helps human communication.
Mercury’s Mountain (Figure 32)
It is situated under the small finger. It cannot be studied unless along side the line of mind. It is the Mountain of spirit, of living intelligence, of eloquence, of adaptation, of good relations with others; it stands for talent in business…; all these together with a long clear line of mind. Otherwise, the subject has a shifting temper, is a good salesman but also a cheat.
The Mercury’s Mountain absence reveals the absence of the above mentioned qualities; it shows the risk of stress, lack of concentration. These subjects are like enigmas, they can’t be understood by others. Sometimes they are very liked, to just become horrible individuals, without even knowing why.
Regarding health, the week point of those possessing Mercury’s Mountain is their nervous system, which can be shown through stutter, stomach ache, nightmares or depressions.
We mention again that Mercury’s Mountain cannot be interpreted without the line of mind, which can be: favorable, meaning positive, or negative, pale, imprecise, or very short.
The prognosis may be established only with both the signs form Mercury’s Mountain as well as the line of mind.


Figure 32
The Moon

The Moon is the female planet, while the Sun is the male planet. It represents

intuition, power, and strength. Nevertheless, the moon is the master of tides, influences the life span of planets; gardeners know this well, and adjust the woman’s physiology.

The Moon is the sign of sensitivity, of emotions. It is Pierrot ’s planet, the poet, Merlin’s, the sorcerer, or of mages.
The Moon’s Mountain (Figure 32)
It is situated at the base of the hand, opposite Venus’ Mountain. It is the mountain of imagination, of dreams, of artistic talents, poetry or literature. If it is clearly defined, imagination overlooks action; it is situated on the hands of idealists averted from Venus’s sensuality. The subject is full of unique ideas of which he/she cannot always be able to use them or accomplish them.
Players have this Mountain well developed, but isn’t game a way of dreaming with eyes opened?
Big business men possess this mountain, but even businesses need imagination and boldness. The same thing goes for inventors, mystics, in one word all who live in the sky, be him of God or of clouds.
The“Moon” subject will never abide by conventions, if he is inspired. He loves change, trips. He always knows how to get out of un unpleasant situation due to his imagination. Their health posses issues to their lungs.
The Moon’s Mountain absence, in the negative sense, reveals a reconsideration of everything it has been said about this subject. The subjects are endowed with a rich imagination, but they still can be good managers. They are so well concerned with details that they become unwary. Contact with them is difficult.

The Hand Lines

Much like digital fingerprints, even the hand lines are unique to each individual and to each hand because the right hand is different than the left hand. Throughout life, the hand’s shape changes, it becomes, and then it gets old. Some authors have established the dates of events with the help of the line of life and luck (Figure 33).

00049.jpg00050.jpg00051.jpgFigure 33

The main lines studied are here: (figure 34)
· The mind line;
· The life line;
· Luck line or destiny;
· Sun line or success;
· The heart line;
· The line of sexuality or marriage;
· The health line;
· The line of Mars;
· Secondary lines.

Figure 34

The Mind Line
The starting point is often mistaken for the life line or they are very close together. This line crosses the palm. It refers to the life of the spirit. It is very important because, for instance, even with a well crossed line of line, success cannot be achieved without volition and intelligence. In this case, comparing the two hands is important. The left hand shows inborn trends, while the right one those gained.
If the two lines are alike, we can say the subject has well developed spiritually, in a favorable environment.
If the two lines are different, this means a few brakes and stops either from a practical point of view or from the point of imagination.
If the line is weaker on the right hand, the subject didn’t know how to use his natural abilities.



If vice versa, the subject knew how to use and increase his skills.A deep, even thin line is the sign of a greater intelligence than a wide line, sign of shallowness, or materialism, of those who develop their bodies against their spirit.

The line of mind has its starting point close to the line of life. If this point is inside the line of life (Figure 35), the subject is sensitive, very emotional, nervous, and angry. His character becomes difficult if he is subjugated to the least minor outside event (this prognosis may be corrected through other elements).

00053.jpg00054.jpgFigure 35

If the starting point is mistaken for the line of life (Figure 36), the subject sensitivity is increased, and sometimes the subject suffers from the inferiority complex. The line’s path must be carefully studied for a better interpretation.


The line of mind intercepted by the line of life (Figure 37) reveals a quick judgment, a live intelligence.
When the space between the starting points of these two lines is big, it shows an inconsistency in thought and vanity; if the space gets even bigger, it shows a sign of some pathological or psychological problems.

00057.jpg00058.jpgFigure 37
The ramp
form by the line of mind varies a lot.


The steep ramp (Figure 38) reveals an artistic or inventive spirit, original with a taste for adventure, either through trips or in the world of ideas.


00059.jpg00060.jpgFigure 38
The bend ramp
(Figure 39), reveals a practical spirit, organized, methodical. His imagination is composed favoring the opera.


00061.jpg00062.jpgFigure 39
If the line is straight
(Figure 40), the spirit is realistic, logical, concerned material contingencies. It is however regrettable the lack of fantasy.


Figure 40
If the line is ascending
(Figure 41), it reveals a cold, icy spirit.




If at some point the line becomes straight, the subject will have a keen sense of business (Figure 42), (see also Figure 33 for set ages).


00064.jpgFigure 42
The length
of the line will also be studied (Figure 39).

If we count from 1 to 4 the areas crossed by each finger, we can see that all of the mind’s lines bypass sector 2.
If the line reaches sector 3, we’re dealing with a negative prediction: average intelligence, reign of instincts, selfishness.
If the line stops in sector 3, we have good quality intelligence that will be increased if the line reaches sector 4.

The line of mind often ends up at a crossroads. This means artistic or literal talent, if the line is long. If the line doesn’t end up in a crossroads, the subject is endowed with lots of energy and the mainstream spirit will tower over fantasy.

The Life line
The life line starts from the edge of the hand, between the forefinger and the middle finger, avoiding Venus’ Mountain and ending at the wrist. It provides information over the subject’s vitality. It is crossed by a blood vessel the ancients called“vital”, connected with all the main organs.
Like the other lines, deep, clear life line is a sign of vitality and volition in overcoming physical difficulties.
Otherwise, a wide line reveals muscular strength but also a weakness in the nervous system.
The line’ curve is very important.
If it clearly avoids Venus’ Mountain (Figure 43), it is the sign of a good constitution, of a flourishing sexuality.

00065.jpg00066.jpgFigure 43


If this curve is unclear (Figure 44), sexual desire is decreased; vitality also, and selfishness is imminent.


00067.jpgFigure 44


If this curve is deflected towards Moon’s Mountain (Figure 45), we’ll underline the taste for change and the“restlessness” of the subjects.


00068.jpgFigure 45

If towards Moon ’s Mountain small lines are headed, it means to will of travels are overcome by the need of a home (Figure 46). The same thing happens for the line that becomes a crossroads (Figure 47).

00069.jpgFigure 46 Figure 47

Usually, the line of life gives us information over longevity, but we must further describe the prognosis because vitality will be considered the same like the length of the line.

Measuring longevity can be schematically defined in four areas crossed by an imaginary line AB (Figure 48) starting from the middle line (also imaginary), uniting the beginning and the end of the life line (XY). We divide the two halves and we get 4 sectors: I-II-III-IV.

00070.jpgFigure 48

If we consider the maximum age of being 90 years, we can assess:
Sector I from 0 to 22 years;
Sector II from 23 to 45 years;
Sector III from 46 to 68 years;
Sector IV from 69 to 90 years.

We shouldn ’t panic at the sight of a short line, because this doesn’t mean a premature death, only treatable health problems. When health is beginning to improve the line of life will rebuild its momentum.

Health issues are shown through small signs which we’ll be studying in a special chapter.


The Luck Line or Destiny Line

A lot of people believe in Destiny, or in luck. Are prophets ’ predictions something else than the expression of predestine?
Why can’t we believe in this line as the experts in Chirology believe it to be one of the most relevant, one that show life’s events?
This destiny line crosses the palm vertically.
If it starts from the line of life (Figure 49 AA), success will only be attributed to the subject worth. Success will not occur due to social status, financial wealth or the help of others. The subject will not have to count on anyone else but himself/herself.

00071.jpg00072.jpgFigure 49

If it stars from the wrist and reaches Saturn ’s Mountain (Figure 49 BAA) and it is well defined, it will reveal luck, success throughout the whole life.
If it starts from Moon’s Mountain (Picture 49 CA), it will signify a strong personality; public life will play an important role in the subject’s carrier, being an independent spirit.
If it meets another line starting from Moon’s Mountain (Figure 49 AA+CA), it will indicate that the exterior influence, generally form the opposite sex, will provide assistance.

If it starts from the palm’s center (Figure 50 AA), success will show up late and hard, but the subject’s energy will overcome all obstacles.


If it unites itself with the line of life (Figure 50 ABC) it will indicate some temporary difficulties which will vanish once the line becomes independent again.


00073.jpgFigure 50

If it crosses the life line (Figure 50 ABD) the subject will receive help from family members.
If it is discontinued (Figure 51 AABB), at a certain point, luck will disappear.

00074.jpg00075.jpgFigure 51

If it stops in front of the line of mind (Figure 52 AB), it will sho w a psychological weakness damaging to success.
If it stops in front of heart line (Figure 52 ABC), the emotional side of the subject will be harmful to success.

Figure 52

If it ends at the base of the middle finger (Figure 53 AA), material success will reign.
If it ends at the base of the forefinger (Figure 53 AB), it is the sign of those with the spirit of a leader, those that neglect the sentimental side of things.

00076.jpgIf it ends at the base of the ring finger (Figure 53 AC), we’re dealing with a unique personality in search of glory or success.

If it ends at the base of the little finger (Figure 53 AD), it signifies material success in business or technique.
Accidents will be studied during the chapter dedicated to secondary signs.

Sun ’s Line or Success line
It isn’t present on all hands; it is believed that in only half the cases it is present. It is a parallel line with destiny’s line. It starts from different points, but always ends up under the small finger (Sun’s Mountain or Apollo’s Mountain).
A solar line starting from the wrist and ending under the small finger (Figure 54 AA) is extremely rare, showing a sign of absolute success, glory, and wealth. The subject is confident, smart and enthusiastic.
If the solar line starts from Mars’ Mountain (Figure 54 BB), it provides a sign of success due to constant effort; ambition will only be satisfied bit by bit.
If the line starts from the line of mind (Figure 54 CC), success will happened due to intellectual abilities. If it starts from the line of the heart (Figure 54 DD), success will occur later and in most cases it will be form an artistic point of view.
If it starts from the life line (Figure 54 EE), success will happened due to the subject’s own efforts and without any exterior help.
If it starts form the Moon’s Mountain (Figure 54 FF), success will occur due to artistic talents and with the help of a foreign individual from the opposite sex, or from the same sex.

If it starts between the mind line and the heart line (Figure 54 GG), we must expect difficulties in the path of success. Nevertheless, it is the sign of a brilliant mind meant to succeed.

When we notice multiple parallel solar lines, it reveals multiple talents in the subject (Figure 55), which can be more or less developed with the risk of them dispersing.


Figure 55
The Heart Line

The heart line crosses the hand, generally starting from the base of the forefinger

and ending under the small finger. This gives us information regarding the subject’s activity. Its absence shows an insensitive nature.


If it is straight (Figure 56 AA), emotions are always controlled by reason. The subject tends to be cold bent on mental seduction rather than physical.


00079.jpgFigure 56

The heart line is very important. It ends up always or almost always under the small finger. There will be 4 sectors. (Figure 56).
If it starts from sector 1, the subject is in love or is jealous.
If it starts from sector 2 then physical desire reigns; this being the line of sensuality.
If it starts from sector 3, it reveals lack of passion, but also the presence of some heart problems.
If it reveals a curve (Figure 56 A’B), sensibility and love capacity are both increased.
If it starts like the shape of an ant (Figure 57ABC)
The line which starts from Jupiter’s Mountain and the one beginning between the forefinger and the middle finger is an excellent sign, revealing a caring person meant to be happy.

00080.jpg00081.jpgFigure 57

The small lines starting from the heart line and ascending (Figure 57 DE), are a sign of affection, tenderness, of enjoying other people’s company.
If this line descents (Figure 57 FG) the subject doesn’t know how to draw other people’s affection.
The quality of the heart line, much like other lines, provides us information about the quality of sensibility. If it is deep, well defined, is a good sign. If it is wide, it means primary instinct, domination through physical sensuality.

The Health Line or Mercury ’s Line
The Health Line is special: its absence is the best sign! It reveals a powerful constitution, a perfect nervous system, in short, a life free of any health problems. When this line is present, it starts from the writs and ends up under the small finger (Mercury’s Mountain).
Usually, when the health line crosses the life line, this crossing signifies the date of death. (Figure 58 AA), even if the life line continues (also see Figure 33). In order to give this diagnosis we must make sure that both of these lines are extremely clear.
If the health line stops before the life line (Figure 58 BB), we can talk about digestive problems, anxiety, even if the heart is in perfect condition. Be careful to any diets.
If the health line is very clear, it crosses the hand without touching the life line (Figure 58 AC), and without any ramifications, the subject will be very healthy.
If the health line is divided (figure 59), it reveal a sign of liver malfunction and digestive system dysfunctions. It reveals lack of energy.

00082.jpgFigure 59
If it ramifies towards the heart line
(Figure 60 AB), there will be the risk of some heart problems. The small islands at the end of its path, (Figure 60 BB) reveal pulmonary disease.

A star situated on the health line (Figure 61 A) is the sign of sterility. An island at the beginning of the line (Figure 61 BB) signifies the subject’s tendency of becoming a sleepwalker.

00083.jpgFigure 61
The Marriage Line or Sexuality

The marriage line is situated on the hand ’s edge under the small finger. It will count only the clearest one, since there is more than one.
If the lines are long and clear (Figure 62 A) it signifies a happy union. If it is close to the heart line (Figure 62 B) the marriage will take place at a young age. The further away it gets from the heart line, the longer it takes the marriage to take place.

00084.jpgFigure 62
Multiple erased lines
(Figure 63) reveal multiple unsuccessful marriages.


00085.jpg00086.jpgFigure 63

If the line ascends (Figure 64), it reveals the subject’s decline of marriage, preferring celibacy.
If the line ascends and it merges with the Sun’s line (figure 64 B), a happy marriage is on the way.
If the line descends (Figure 64 C), the life partner will die before the subject.
If it descends and crosses the Sun’s line (Figure 64 D) it means decline after a happy marriage.
A well defined fork (Figure 65 A), indicates difficulties in the beginning of the marriage. These will wane if the line ultimately becomes clearer.
A fork at the end (Figure 65 B) shows a possible misunderstanding.

00087.jpgFigure 65

The small lines which cross the marriage line (Figure 66 A), reveal the number of children.
If one of these lines descend, to the heart line (Figure 66 B), there will be a favoritism from the subject towards the children against the partner.

00088.jpgFigure 66

Some authors now call the marriage line: ”the line of sexual influence”. The clues remain the same. They don’t talk about marriage anymore, but of“commitment” or “attachment” etc.

Mars’ Line

As it can be easily observed from its name, this line starts on Mars ’ Mountain and doubles the life line (Figure67 AA).
When it is clearly marked, it is a sign of vitality which overcomes any other health issues.
If from Mars’ line starts a line that ends up to Moon’ Mountain (Figure 67 AB), the need of movement and excitement will be noticed.
If the mind line is erased enough, there is the risk of drug or alcohol addiction.


The Secondary Lines
Venus’ Belt
(Figure 68 AA), it stretches from the base of the forefinger to the small finger revealing a curved shape. It is the token of sensitivity and sensuality; a more intellectual one than physical.
If it is clear, physical lust is huge, both sensually and esthetically.
If it composed out of multiple pieces, sensitivity reigns (Figure68 B), and romantic getaways are unique.

00091.jpg00092.jpgFigure 68


If we find in this case an island (Figure 69 AA), passion will be extreme. The absence of Venus’ Belt is very common. This is not a bad sign because excessive sensitivity will produce difficult characters.



Saturn ’s Ring
Situated under the middle finger (Figure 69 B), is fortunately rare, because it is not a positive sign. Those who possess it cannot enjoy life; they are pessimists, solitary, lacking success or happiness.
The Intuition Line (Figure 69 CC)
This line stretches from Mercury’s Mountain to Moon’s Mountain. It stands for impersonality towards all human organs, but also exceptional intuition, presentiment, clairvoyance, the gift of prophecy. It is often met on female subjects.
Via Lasciva
It is rather rare beginning from Moon’s Mountain to Venus’ Mountain (Figure 70 AA) or the wrist creating a curve. It is the sign of limitless sensuality. If it crosses the life line it signifies death through sexual dysfunction. If it ends near the wrist, sensualit y becomes something on the fantasy’s side. Sometimes, it is the sign of alcoholism or drug addiction, especially if the mind line is erased.
The Mystical Cross
This cross merges with the line of heart and mind (Figure 70 B), usually under the middle finger. It signifies mysticism and an affinity to the occult.

Figure 70

Solomon ’s Ring
Solomon’s Ring takes the shape of a small curve under the forefinger (Figure 70 C). It reveals affinity towards the occult. It seems that everyone who practices chiromancy possesses Solomon’s Ring.


The Lines of Scientific Skills (Figure 70 D)
It refers to two small lines under the small finger, straight and sideways. They are quite rare and reveal an affinity towards medicine or sciences. These lines are a sign of success in these fields.
Medical Scars (Figure 71 A)
They are situated under the small finger. They are vertical lines crossed by a horizontal one. They are the token of healing hands, of surgeons, of doctors…
The bracelets or the wrist’s bumps
These are the lines which separate the wrist from the palm. There may be one or multiple such lines (Figure 71 B). Usually, each bracelet has a thirty year time span.
Clearly defined bracelets are a sure sign of health and success, while the chains and islands are negative signs, revealing all sorts of difficulties. When the first bracelet curves upward (Figure 71 C), genital affections may occur. In this case, women are often sterile.

Figure 71
The Secondary Signs
The Journeys


The journeys are indicated through small lines beginning from the life line (Figure 72 ABC). With their help travels may be accounted (see fig. 33).


00096.jpgIf the life line ramifies in two, one of these branches heading towards Moon’s Mountain, the subjects life will be filled with journeys and trips and also fairly changeable.


If the life line doesn’t ramify and it reveals no other secondary line, the subject’s life will be calm and sedentary.


Figure 72

Accidents are shown through lines which descend from Saturn ’s Mountain towards the life line (Figure 72 EE).
If the line reaches the mind line (Figure 72 FF), it signifies dangerous situations to the head.

Accidental signs
Accidental signs are situated on mountains, lines fingers… Here are the general predictions:

The Dot (Figure 73 A)
Sign of a chronic illness.
The Cross (Figure 73 B)


Sign of a disturbance both positive or negative.
The Star (Figure 73 C)
Sign of brutal, unexpected disturbance.
The Circle (Figure 73 D)
It is often situated in the Mountains. The subject will face difficulties in the area

described by the mountain.


00098.jpg00099.jpg00100.jpgFigure 73

An upwards arc (Figure 73 F), is favorable.
A downward arc (Figure 73 G), is not favorable.
The triangle (Figure 73 H), is the sign of a brilliant mind.
The Square or the Rectangular (Figure 73 I), is the sign of a good balance. A depth within a line (Figure 73 J), reveals a serious disturbance. The Islands (Figure 73 K), are never positive. The call forth loses in vitality,

scandals, danger, lose of money…


The Chain (Figure 73 L), increases the risk caused by the islands.



The hand is beautiful through its shape. Its serves us as an instrument, but it also knows how to express feelings or intimate reactions.
Regarding the study of hands, we’ll always take heed as to not shock, sadden or concern our interlocutors.
Some of them might take our predictions too seriously therefore we also must be cautious.
This is especially true in medical prognoses or predictable accidents. Changes in destiny may occur even on the lines themselves.
But mostly, the practitioner can be mistaken; we must never forget this fact.

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