Secrets of Microsoft Word HTML version

Secrets Of Microsoft Word ¨ 2005
Microsoft Word is good for small businesses.
Some of the features of this software you may overlook in everyday word processingÈThis
book just points them out and elaborates on how you could use these features for your business.
I like using this program for small business because there are so many hidden features if you take
a little extra time to explore.
I called this book ÐThe Secrets Of Microsoft Word“
Ok, they aren’t really that hiddenÈI was just sick of titles like ÐMicrosoft Word Basics for
Beginners 1.0“ (I hope that isn’t actually a book title☺)
Still, they aren’t everyday features that most users use, and they are somewhat hidden.
This booklet should be easy reading and can help your small business in some way.
This booklet tutorial was also written to be easy to follow.
As you are reading this in Adobe Acrobat, I suggest you to open up Microsoft Word on your
computer and have it running in the background.
That way, when I illustrate techniques, you can click Alt + Tab on your keyboard to switch over
and try it out.
So go ahead, open up MS Word and when you have a blank page, click Alt + Tab on your
keyboard and come back to reading.
Go do it nowÈ
Ok thanksÈare you ready? Let’s start.
The Secrets Of Microsoft Word
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