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Chapter 1: Introduction



It's Harvey Segal of here.


Thank you for downloading this book.

Unless you paid money to some rogue on Ebay it's a free book - and I believe the free information you will read now can revolutionize the way you run your online business or provide the spark to seize on a new Internet opportunity.

Since its launch in October 2005 the Ultimate SuperTip has eclipsed all my previous eight books and achieved astounding success.


Here's proof


- If you have sharp eyes you may have noticed that the site changed from to when you downloaded.


That's because I've had to rent another server to cope with the traffic.


- And if you run a search at Google on 'The Ultimate SuperTip' you will find links from hundreds and hundreds of sites.


Why are all these people linking to a free book ?


What have they got to gain ?


All will be revealed . . .


So what is this book about ?


To start with, in Chapter 2, you will see what in my view is the VERY BEST strategy to promote ANY product.

And to justify it I'll show you a case study - a real product that I currently sell using this strategy and EXACTLY how I do it. Which means that you can simply copy my methods and repeat the same.

But, even better, Chapter 3 reveals the ingenious twist that takes this strategy into orbit.
In Chapter 4 I've compiled a list of items that can help you put the strategy into practise right now.

And, in passing, I reveal what is undisputably the QUICKEST way to make money on the Net.


Finally we come to an astonishing viral idea in Chapter 5.


The idea which prompted this unsolicited tribute from Lynn Terry of


00002.jpgLynn Terry

". . . it didn't hit me until the very last page (you'll see why when you read it), but when it did... I knew that Harvey's book was quite simply the greatest viral marketing idea of all time"

Here's an equally impressive review because it expresses how YOU will benefit from this book. From the famous marketing guru Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian of

00003.jpgDr Mani

"the neat, simple, yet brilliant 'promotional tweaks' made me stare in amazement

... the biggest wallop is packed in the viral element - which allows YOU to profit massively from Harvey's work"

And yet that's almost an understatement - because I will go on to explain why YOU should fare better than me !


But first, the strategy ... First we need to state that this must ideally be your 'own' product.