Second Chance HTML version

Chapter One
When the car pulled to a stop before the stables and the petite brunette stepped out Jess froze in
place with hooks still nestled in the bale of hay he was unloading from his truck. He knew who she
was, hell, how could he forget her? Somehow he wasn't surprised to see her, her unpredictability was
like a swarm of locusts, occurring once every six to seven years.
Shaking himself from his daze, Jess jumped from his truck, the bale of hay in his arms. If she wanted
to talk to him about something she'd have to work for it. Ambling into the stables he pretended as if
he'd never even noticed her. Of course, notice her he had, for she was a hard one to miss. The spiral
brunette curls tumbling down her back with a set of lovable blue eyes and her perky upturned nose
were almost irresistible; at least they had always been for him.
Megan watched as Jess strode away into the barn, feigning he didn't see her. Pushing curls out of her
face she went around to the back seat and helped her son out. Dennis was mad at her when she woke
him, so rudely interrupting his long nap. Rubbing his eyes with a grubby six-year-old fist he took her
hand when she offered it to him and allowed himself to be led into the stable.
At the sound of the horses, Dennis' eyes and ears perked up, forgetting his exhaustion for the
moment. When one of the horses reached out to get a closer look at him he giggled and let the horse
snuff his hair, messing it into disarray.
Megan noticed nothing at the moment other than the man who was striding towards them. As
he stopped in front of them she was surprised at his physique, it was more developed than she
remembered. His bare shoulders and chest were littered with bronze muscles and they only accented
the attractiveness of his tall and slender frame. Dark strands of his thick, black hair protruded as
wisps from under his tan cowboy hat, matching the intensity of his dark eyes.
"I need a place to stay?" she knew the question would throw him off-guard but she had no other
choice. When he didn't answer her, she chewed at her bottom lip. "Just for a little while anyways."
He shook his head and muttered to himself. “You always were trouble.”
Megan smiled; she did have that effect on men, though she wasn't proud to admit it. "So, can I stay
with you for a while or should I go to that motel I saw a few miles back?"
Wiping a hand across his forehead he turned, answering her as he moved away. "The house is
Letting out a sigh of relief Megan squeezed Dennis' hand and steered him out of the stables towards
the three-story house in front, refusing to listen the boy’s protest about staying with the horses.