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Rigby Taylor
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This novel is entirely a work of fiction.
The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it
are products of the author‘s imagination.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
events or localities is entirely coincidental.
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Chapter One
Sebastian tore open the package, gazed in delight at the tiny yellow pouch, studied the strings,
worked out which one went between his legs and which around his waist, tucked his penis over his
scrotum and placed the flimsy bit of material on top. It was slightly elastic so with judicious pulling
and manoeuvring he managed to cover the essentials and tighten the strings to hold it in place
before gazing in awe at himself in the full- length mirror.
‗Cool‘, he whispered, sharing a complicit grin with his reflection. The only thing he didn‘t like
were the tufts of black hair sticking out round the edges like a fungal growth, so he shaved his
pubes, running the razor over armpits as well. If he was going to be smooth he might as well do it
properly. The mirror reflected an image that looked exactly as he‘d hoped. Tall, slim and sleek; the
pale gold pouch complementing his olive skin.
Sebastian had given up wondering why he hated wearing clothes. He‘d always run around naked
at home, encouraged by his mother because it saved having dirty clothes to wash and she thought it