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God can.

He is the epitome of grand (Acts 7:55),

A mighty savior King

As well as a close and personal Friend

That anyone can lean.

He makes the path straight,

For those who obey

And do not stray.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form



Fireflies At Midnight (was all that was seen)


The drifter awakened,


One glance at him and anyone would conclude that he’s been out for a significant period: He was totally worn out, dressed in weather-beaten attire and not washed for the longest of time.


The deep blue sea was rough and stormy, it was tough and fearsome but at certain occasions warm and gentle – especially in the darkness and emptiness of night.

To him, it was not really all that lonesome; with the star-lit sky that he witnessed, the fireflies at midnight, what seemed like fireworks and floating lights in the open, endless, space. In this vast matrix of life, memories that he saw flew by through shooting stars.


Fireflies at midnight,

Fireflies burning Bright,

Fireflies guiding me through the night,

Through this churning sea and tide.

Fireflies brighten up the star-lit sky –

All throughout this lonesome plight.


Man has and as such developed desire for a greater place, a wonder and a spirit of adventure for the undiscovered, for what lies beyond the clouds: the horizons in the morning, the galaxies and a question of existence. Do we have a place in the distant lands we go to after we pass on? Everyday in an endless drift, neural-patterned memories of past thoughts and images formed fly, overlapped by familiar tunes, sights and sounds in perfect harmony with nature, which rapidly rush through his mind. Maybe he was better off in this simple raft than the home, the place he used to be.


As night grows cold,

Memories of old

Past by like a show

Take a bow.

Say a goodbye -

Life has been but

A passing by.


Now, as daylight dawned onto the earth, he thought that his life was over as he opened his eyes in agony and dismay. All the “floater” remembered were tidal waves and the salty but cool sea breeze. To his utter amazement, he peered at the distance and saw an island appear out of nowhere. He wondered if it were a distortion of an already warped reality - It just could not be… However, it was too late as instinct took control over his wearied mind as he leapt straight into the water and hastily waded through the seawater. Paradise was there - whether he was daydreaming, “fallen into deep sleep”, in heaven or whatsoever. He was startled as he realised how shallow the water was. How long had he been out at sea already? Anyway, it did not matter to him anymore as the adventure at sea had now ended.


These memories fade away as sand,

Echoes of time wither into dust.

From dawn to dusk,

No one can foresee God’s plan,

When life should come to an end.




Sing a new song to the Lord

The battle is already won and fought

As Victory was sought

Salvation cannot be bought

It was already paid with a price-

The Blood of Jesus Christ


A Prayer Of Eternity (Part 1)


Freezing in cold ice,

Struggling with the pain of life,

Distractions that entice,

This (adventure) is not a game of dice.

In this journey of faith,

You alone guide and carry me up the staircase.

To a vision that I have never seen before,

You make me stand tall,

Protect and guide my steps from any fall.

You never let my foot slip,

Ordained praise and worship from my lips.

You have always held my hand,

Through circumstances, life’s plots and schemes.


A Prayer Of Eternity (Part 2)


Waves of circumstances will not consume me

Even as I believe in what I do not see

Everyday is a new victory

The Lord’s word a deep mystery

He revealed them to children of His-

People like you and me.

Throughout all the galaxies,

The Lord’s beauty sublime-

His light and vision shine

Since the start of time.

As the end draws near,

I have no fear

For I know you are holding me dear.

My life, my whole being,

Is in You I’m perfectly sure.


Above It All


Soar above the stars on earth,

In the galaxies,

The sun and moon,

As we see them.

There is one beholding on His throne of grand.

Every word is majestic,

Beyond human concept and plan.

God is the brightest of lights,

In the darkest of nights.


A Trip In My Dream


Have you woke up feeling you could leave earth and everything?

One day after clearing the bin,

I went to bed with a dream.

My face gleened,

As I floated above the skies to heaven.

I saw the gates of pearls,

Pure as one could imagine.

As I entered the place,

I looked and gazed

At the field where animals grazed,

All of them living harmoniously

Where they were raised by thee.

The cats, dogs, lions, tigers, sheep and more alike,

All living and playing together without a bite.

As I looked to my right,

There I had an incredible sight.

As what the bible foretold,

The streets were paved with gold

It was bustling with angelic hosts,

Floating around like brightly lit ghosts.

They were singing hymns and songs of praise and worship,

And some even sounded quite cool and hip.

Suddenly out of heaven there was a great light,

And something that sounded like a loud buzz and beep.

I opened my eyes

And switched off my hand phone – The beeping device.

As I turned I saw the hymnal book at a corner,

And the bible at another.

“This must be the reason”,

I thought to myself as I eagerly awaited another slumber,

Reality to me seemed more distant and blur.


Praise Be To God


Praise be to God,

Who went through it all.

You took my guilt and shame,

Saved me through Your blood and pain.

In You I fix my eyes upon,

To the prize in heaven I seek to gain.

Riches on earth I heed not,

But trust fully in Your Holy name.


The name above all names.


The King of all kings.


The Lord of all lords,

The One and True Living God.


Created For Much More


The echoes of time-space barriers still sound,

Memories of time and distance by space bound

Complexities of human existence marked are caused

Only by vagueness of understanding existence

Itself, how and why we exist,

Of knowing full well the one who existed

Before time, in time, out of time,

And the creator of it all.

In a man’s search for meaning in life,

Through struggles and strife,

Only a discovery that occurs to him comes to light.

We were made for so much more,

However few years we could live for.

Time passes as a breeze,

It blows over life, like a garden of bees.

They do not know how many years they live,

Yet they busy and work until they leave (the earth) with age.

In this aspect, there is a turn of a new page.

Within us,

A “God-shaped hole”,

How great the size of emptiness is!






Angel (Part 1)


“I’ve come to take you to the source,

The creator of creation.

To catch the sunrise in your life again,

The place where one never grows weary.

You will open your eyes and see –

The amazing place in store with thee.

All that you have gone through,

Will be a memory.

A passing fantasy,

Awaiting you a new reality.

You will see Him for all of eternity.

The trials that passed you,

Will make you

Into the person you are to be.

Believe me,

You will agree.











Angel (Part 2)


“It is time to leave the past behind,

Take my hand and resign.

From all your worries and stress in your mind,

Open the curtains and pull the blinds.

Remove the cover on your face and your veil,

For He wants to see you well.


He will be waiting there,

I will take you through the air,

Eagerly without a moment to spare.

We will glide through nowhere,

As you take the ride of your life,

To the place of no more sorrow and strife.”








I find victory in my weakness,

For it is You I trust in Lord Jesus.

You lift me up in Your gentle hand,

As You guide me through your great plan.

You make springs of living water,

Burst out of me like a dam.

I shall drink Your righteousness and not thirst,

Taste your goodness as I claim Your verse.


You are the Alpha and Omega,

My Redeemer, my Saviour and my Maker.

I worship You,

For You are Holy Lord,

Your goodness beyond all understanding and thought.

Worthy of all honour and praise,

Saved me with Your perfect Grace.


In Your warm embrace,

No questions I will raise.

In you my faith I will place,

Your sweet mercy and grace I will taste.

Your Heart of hearts mine will chase,

Even as I run this arduous race.

I will soar on wings like eagles,

My destiny in You I am sure.


It is You I adore,

Your Love You unceasingly pour.

The curtains of the temple You tore,

The weight of us You bore.

You are victorious and risen,

You set the captives free from prison.

Tired and weary souls You liven,

For You my heart will always burn.




Peace that surpasses all understanding –

Like the birdling taken care of its mother

In the midst of a storm.

All troubles are gone,

Through the faith and trust in nurturing hands.

Like the potter shaping the clay,

Commit and the surrender of this process day by day

Cast and shaped by His perfect plans.


Deeper Than The Ocean


In a place deeper than the ocean,

Nothing like it I could ever fathom.

One word that calls me to return,

Where my soul and mind has always been.

 To the fields and pastures of green.

There is no lack,

Life saved by His grace from a wreck.

From darkness of pitch blackness,

To peace like a river with no thirst.

The bubble of joy has to burst,

Let it flow from heaven down to earth.


No Regrets


Live with no regrets,

Live to give it my all.

Like an eagle I will soar,

Amongst man I shall stand tall.

For the Lord has been so good to me,

Made me rest in His pastures of green.

He has brought me through this ordeal,

Stamped on my destiny with a seal.

The worship music still sounds in my ears,

Out of the window of the soul I peer.

Distant memories I remember since last year,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Boys and girls.

I want to thank the Lord,

For victory in the battle fought.

He protects me under the shadow of His wings,

He shields me with His fort,

As I take a leap forward,

My mind is no longer troubled or distraught.

For He preserves my joy,

Even in the pain and toil.



God of the impossible


Our God is the God of the impossible,

He makes all good things possible.

He made us with value and destiny eternal,

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Like a sculptor shaping a blank slate,

He designed us,

The galaxies and the earth’s plates.

He formed Adam,

And His soul mate.

They disobeyed,

From the tree of knowledge of good and evil they ate.

Out of the Garden of Eden they were banished,

It seemed that hope for human kind had vanished.

Until in the world came Jesus,

Who fixed the broken pieces.

He died for the world,

For You and me

He held very dear.


Divine Love


There is a love only You can satisfy,

A hope of life in You I can find.

Come and dwell inside my heart,

Fellowship and dine with You throughout time.


Love so divine,

Opens up inspiration to those blind.

His name brings joy to many faces,

Peace and harmony throughout the races.

Regardless of what hardship places,

His name is my Lord and Saviour Jesus.




In the middle of the field,

Admidst leaves and thistles of few,

There is an inhibited view.

Rested atop leaves full of dew,

Is a very peculiar butterfly.

It is definitely not camera-shy,

As I take a picture of its wings,

Looking as similar as one of my (orange) ties.

Then it happens –

Marked by its fluttering, graceful and pleasant,

The backlit sunlight magnificent.

The butterfly senses my movement,

Flies towards the pavement.

And heads for a turn,

In the other direction.

The colours I see on it are unique and even,

Could bring joy to those in bereavement.

It reflects the wondrous work of creation,

The plans by the creator brought to fruition,

The canvas of nature painted to completion.

Tired and weary souls it is able to liven.

The Lord is whom my heart yearns,

The passion lights up as the spark burns.

His wisdom and knowledge which I learn,

Through managing money which I earned.

Through knowledge of the bible which multiplies like ferns,

Distractions in the world to shun.

As He chose poorly as a carpenter’s son,

Born that day in a broken-down barn.

His life, His teachings and His example,

Is all for ours to follow.

Human intellect can only comprehend in a peer,

All that Jesus taught about the Gospel.

It starts from within,

Our relationship with the creator;

And stems out to the people –

Everyone around us,

The needy, the helpless.

The wind blows over the grass,

One day all wither and thrust (in the air).

From who we are to dust,

Such is thus.



The Word Of God


Introducing the bible,

Not just a fable,

Lord Jesus is able

To manifest His presence,

Right now and right here.

He was born in a stable,

Grew with His parents as a child,

Leaned the trade of wood and tables.

Later in life,

He called 12,

whom society called “dull”.

Nurtured them to their great destinies,

He bowed in His knees,

And taught servant hood as He washed their feet.

Teaching us love and grace to each one of His heartbeat.

He came to serve and not the other way around,

As He walked from town to town.

Healed a bleeding woman with just a touch of His cloak and gown,

Made the cruel Pharisees and Sadducees frown,

Performed many miracles that people wanted Him to wear a crown.

He passed the last test,

As He obediently submitted to the Father till death.

In His name, Jesus, we are all blessed.




Top of Form

You are the unending river of life,
the unceasing love.
You are always by my side,
Your eyes watch over my life.
Through the rough tide,
You always listen to my plight.

So I seek after You,
I worship You.
Even if life looks bleak,
For You are Holy Lord.
The Righteous One,
You shine brighter than the sun.
For You are Holy,
Worthy to be praised.
From death You were raised,
In life You gave it all.
On the cross You bore,
The weight of the world.
You opened the door-
To salvation,
For You love the nations.

Oh where,
oh my soul.
Can I go,
to run from You in the cold.
As the wind blows,
Your love flows around me,
Guiding my soul close to thee.
Where I am,
You are here with me.


The Boy From Troy


Top of Form

There once lived a boy,
who lived in a village of Troy.
He had many brothers,
Who caused much trouble.
Then one day, it happened.
The village grounds shook,
The grounds rumbled.
A disaster it was,
As everything in its way turned and tossed.
The villagers decided to escape on boat,
Since the weather out at sea was better,
They foretold.
So hurriedly, the brothers grabbed all the boats they could find,
However, leaving the poor boy behind.
Trapped in the mud, covered with slime and grime.
The boy was lost, he was alone.
He cried and groaned,
But to no avail.
The boats had already set sail.
As he waited anxiously,
He could not take this any longer.
He plucked up all the courage he had left,
And swam for the nearest boat.
To his delight, a boat saw him and rode
To him
He beamed
With joy
And brushed the soil
Off his feet as he leapt over.
It was the month of October,
His birthday-What a way to get sober!




We are like the stars in the sky,

Surrounded by ties that bind.

All we do is shine,

Beyond both galaxies and time.



Blanket Of Stars


Under a blanket stars,

The world spins in (continuum).

Day and night,

Time is a drift,

As the passages of memories

Floats atop those emotions.


Where space and time meet

In the rhythm of a heartbeat,

Stars shoot across the atmospheric sheet –

An intricate sight indeed.

As passages of memories

Float atop those emotions,

Day and night,

Time is adrift in moments.

Under the blanket of stars,

Earth spins in continuum.

Much planning involved

In the course

Of creation

By our creator

Who ensures

Balance in the galaxies.


One Body


It is in darkness

That stars shine brightly

Amidst the storm

We can carry on

In a world torn –

Though darkness sets in

The light is whom we lean

With us through thick and thin


Our faces shone (Because of Him)

And because He is always with us

It is a great privilege

Not to move right or left

But in the same direction

Through trials and tests

Toward the goal

Till our final rest.





Spiritual Eyes


Open our spiritual eyes,

Hear our open cries.

We want to know you more,

Want to praise you more and more.

Open the door,

Save us to the shore.

Make us stand tall,

In the presence of giants and falls.


Upon The Cross


I don’t want to live knowing who I was

As I look upon the cross,

Remembering the pain you bore.

The place You were whipped and tossed,

You were not even forced (To go through this suffering).


Humbly, obediently,

You listened to Thee.

He could not bear to see You suffering

He looked from your plea,

When You breathed Your last.

It was then,

Darkness was all that was past.


Instruments Of Praise


We are Your instruments of praise,

Your banners we all raise.

As we worship in Your scared place,

Our hearts You have set ablaze,

To carry out Your tasks for Your name,

We all seek Your face,

For You are Holy,

Worthy of all honour and praise.


Jesus Is Standing At The Door


Jesus is standing at the door,

Waiting to change you from Saul to Paul.

As He stands,

He gently knocks.

He waits patiently but eagerly

To talk

With you in a personal way.

You do not have to worry about what to say,

Let Him enter for He is the way,

And He will chase all fear away.

For He is the perfect Love,

The Alpha and Omega,

He has known you since birth –

Your creator since the start of time,

He has been beholding,

Waiting all this while to step in.

To be a comfort,

In whom you could lean.

The mighty counselor unseen,

The humble obedient son to the Father

He has always been.

He will teach you many truths in life,

About how much you mean to Him.

You will never feel lonely again,

For He will be with you through thick and thin.

He will share your grievances and pain,

Through life’s ups and downs.

He will be your constant –

The peace that surpasses

All human understanding.

Your guiding light,

The morning star which shines brightly

In the darkest of nights.

Trust Him completely,

By faith and not by sight.

He never ignores anyone’s plight,

He loves harmony and hates fights.

Nobody can shut,

The doors of blessings to your heart

That He could bring about.

In the changing tide,

He will walk by your side.

Protecting you in the palm of His hands,

For He has great plans,

To prosper and not to harm.

He will hold you in His arms,

This love nobody could shun.

Just open the door of your heart to Jesus,

And all this will be done.



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