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[Transcriber's Note: This Table of Contents does not appear in
the original book. It has been added to this document for ease of
Knowledge is Safety, page 3
The Beginning of Life, page 5
Health a Duty, page 7
Value of Reputation, page 9
Influence of Associates, page 11
Self-Control, page 12
Habit, page 17
A Good Name, page 18
The Mother's Influence, page 21
Home Power, page 23
To Young Women, page 26
Influence of Female Character, page 30
Personal Purity, page 31
How To Write All Kinds of Letters, page 34
How To Write a Love Letter, page 37
Forms of Social Letters, page 39
Letter Writing, page 43
Forms of Love Letters, page 44
Hints and Helps on Good Behavior at All Times and at All Places, page 49
A Complete Etiquette in a Few Practical Rules, page 52
Etiquette of Calls, page 56
Etiquette in Your Speech, page 57
Etiquette of Dress and Habits, page 58
Etiquette on the Street, page 59
Etiquette Between Sexes, page 60
Practical Rules on Table Manners, page 63
Social Duties, page 65
Politeness, page 70
Influence of Good Character, page 73
Family Government, page 76
Conversation, page 79
The Toilet or The Care of the Person, page 84
A Young Man's Personal Appearance, page 86
Dress, page 88
Beauty, page 91
Sensible Helps to Beauty, page 95
How to Keep the Bloom and Grace of Youth, page 97