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Life love deployments and ghosts
© 2012 Rian Arias
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This little book is dedicated to my muse; you know who you are.
It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to see a ghost. Or rather feel it. No amount
of literature, of which there is plenty, movies, or the amount of people that claim they know all
about it can prepare one for the actual experience of feeling a foreign presence in your mind.
History is awash in stories where spirits inhabit people on the earth. Ancient peoples and
texts abound with the idea of spirits. Coming from a Caribbean background, my past is fairly
littered with the ways that spirits are there, walk among us and even speak to us. I watched all
the horror movies of evil spirits when I was a kid; I heard all of the stories told orally. The kinds
of stories that kept you up at all hours, jumping at every bump in the night; yet, I am not talking
about possession by evil spirits, which is what many people think when I bring up the subject of
Lydia. It’s a seductive, lovely, warm feeling, a total polar opposite to the Linda Blair, head-on-a-
swivel, demon possession of The Exorcist. Webster’s defines the word of spirit as: a
supernatural, incorporeal being, especially one inhabiting a place, object, etc., or having a
particular character, or an angel or demon. It then goes straight into evil spirits, that place where
most people confronted by an unknown entity will go. The word spirit actually means breath,
from the Latin, spiritus. The main point being that the spirit resides in respiration, as in ‘he
breathed life into that old car’. The world of the spirits and the natural world are constantly in
contact with each other, and someone who can participate in this interaction is called a medium.
Apparently, this is what I am, a medium, because I can communicate with the spirit world, or
rather one spirit.
It would seem that I have been channeling this female presence, this Lydia for several years
now. I know that this sounds absolutely crazy, but since no one is going to read this book, I
figure I can say just about anything I want. I know one or two people are going to read this, and
maybe get an immense enjoyment out of it, if only to poke some fun at the crazy guy. And I see
myself this way, for real. Crazy, I mean. I seriously believe I am going to be that guy that walks
around town in shabby Civil War clothes from the Goodwill and talking to myself. Only it will
be Lydia I will be talking to, and this brings me to another interesting point. What if all of those
“crazy” people that were muttering to themselves, that you made fun of as a kid (you know you
did, I did too) are just within their own conversations with their own Lydias?
I intend to research this lady, perhaps the Scandinavian years. As I have a deep seated
feeling that she is from Scandinavia, and yet there is a feeling that she has been all over the
world. But that will be later. I think the Scandinavian ones would be more interesting. I was
drawn to Scandinavia and in fact, just returned from a vacation there.