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Jan Wilson grew up in Lufkin. The East Texas town in the Piney Woods.
She married John Wilson right out of high school. Two years later, she was
pregnant with Max. Her son was the biggest baby born in Angelina County. Jan
didn't know if the record still stood, but Max did a good job of maintaining his
weight. John left a few years later, and Jan took to several jobs to make ends
meet. She waited tables, worked in a library, and was a substitute teacher for
awhile. The latter was her least favorite. The kids were awful.
Jan knew her son was different. Max was extremely bright. He started
reading before nursery school, and soon began getting into arguments with his
teachers. The school administrators suggested a gifted program, but Max got into
a fight with his history teacher. Max was kicked out. The rest of her son's
academic career was uneventful. Max rarely did anything in class, b ut aced his
tests. It came as no surprise, when Max got a perfect score on his college entrance
exam. He had scholarship offers to many prestigious universities, but opted for
Angelina Junior College. Max was forced out his first year, after leading a revolt
against the Economics Department.
Max put on a record. A British group called The Pink Underground. He