Sea of Idiots HTML version

Max heard his mother climbing the stairs. The chicken pot pie smelled delicious.
He hoped she remembered to bring his buttermilk. Max had a penchant for it.
“Mother. Where is my buttermilk?”
“Heavens forgive me. I'll go back and fetch it.”
“Thank you mother.”
Max flipped the record over, and hit play. The album opened with a flurry
of blistering guitars. Max bobbed his head, and sat down at the computer.
Somebody knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
“It's me. I got your buttermilk.”
“Is the pot pie hot?”
“I believe so.”
“Good. You know how cold food upsets my stomach.”
“Yes dear. Can we talk a minute son?”
“Not now mother. I have a chat with Professor Hensley.”
“A chat right now?”
“Yes mother. Come back later.”