Sea of Idiots HTML version

Max Wilson turned thirty five last month. He lives with his mother. He
likes alternative music; especially anything from England. Max tried college for a
year, but was constantly getting into arguments with the professors, mainly about
economics. Max is obsessed with money. This is quite ironic being that he's
unemployed. In fact, Max refuses to even look for a job. It's all beneath him.
His mother spoils him, and justifies her son's apathy. He's just special. That's
what she tells herself. Max's father left when he was four. Max doesn't
remember him. The Christmas cards quit coming twenty years ago. The last one
had a picture of his father and a Hispanic boy.
“Mother. Can you bring my dinner?”
“Just a minute honey.”
Max's room was the biggest. He did important things in there. He listened
to vinyl records, chatted on the computer with economic professors, ate Chinese
takeout, and wrote occasional poems when the mood struck.
“Hurry mother. I'm hungry!”
“I'm on my way dear.”